In Support of Pallet Supports for Selective Pallet Rack Systems

Apex Pallet Racking with Pallet Support

Pallet supports may seem rather unimpressive on first look… OK we said it.  However, what appears like a simple or non-critical pallet rack accessory is actually a really useful and economical safeguard for your pallet rack system, inventory and workers. The only problem with pallet supports may lie in the name Pallet Support

It Must Be Some Misunderstanding

It is commonly misunderstood that the purpose of the pallet support is to hold (support) the weight of the pallet when it is placed in the rack. That is NOT what the pallet support is intended to do. Pallets should be centered in the bay and rest entirely on the front and rear beams only. What the pallet supports ARE intended to do is to safeguard misaligned pallets AND to help boost the structural integrity of the pallet by supporting the bottom of the pallet and thus minimizing deflection. If your facility is using different-sized pallets that are equal or less than the depth of the rack, the Apex team suggests using special wire decks that can be designed to take the point load of the pallets.

In double-deep, and high-elevation pallet rack systems, pallet supports are particularly useful to the forklift operator because of the difficulty in clearly seeing the front and rear beams for proper pallet placement. The supports provide that extra measure of safety while keeping your facility moving efficiently.

Apex Cos- Dia Pallet SupportBenefits of Pallet Supports:

  • Increase worker safety
  • Provide extra measure of confidence for forklift operators when loading pallets at deep and/or high elevations
  • Easy drop-in installation helps reduce install cost
  • Protect inventory from damage if dropped
  • Protect pallets from damage caused by deflection

Types of Pallet Support

Pallet supports come in two main design types: flange (similar to waterfall design of wire deck) and flush. Structural supports are available for structural rack and roll-formed supports are designed for roll-formed rack.

Roll-formed Supports:

Flange supports – fit over the top of the front and rear step beams. Some are pre-drilled for tek screws to be adhered to the beam to prevent the support from moving.

  • Double flange (overlap) means the support fits over both the front and rear beams.

Flush-type supports – set down flush into the step of pallet rack step beams and do not flange over the face of the beam. This design leaves the beam face completely unobstructed. Flush-types are: Top Hat and Snap or Roll/Lock-in.

  • Top-hat style pallet rack supports have a predrilled hole on the tab of the support that allows you to easily install a tek screw into the step of the beam.
  • Snap-in style fit flush within the step of the beam and snap (or roll) into the slotted holes on the step.

Apex Pallet Rack Supports

Apex Structural Steel Pallet SupportStructural Supports:

Heavy-duty supports designed for structural rack or box beams. Structural supports have a large welded flange on both ends that sets over the top of the beam. Some are pre-drilled to be bolted into position (typically through the web of the beam) for additional positioning security.

Specialty Supports:

Storing wheels, drums or tires in pallet racking, vs. bulk or floor stacking, will certainly optimize storage density, but the round shape can make product storage and handling a bit of a challenge.  Here’s a simple, affordable pallet support solution that will do the trick…

Drum Cradle (Wheel Racks)

Apex Drum Cradle Pallet Support

Using the familiar waterfall design, drum cradles use two triangular supports welded to a front and rear brace that fit over the top of the front and rear beams. Drum cradles provide a safe and convenient storage for drums, wheels and rims.

Unique Drum Cradle Benefits:

  • Safe storage for rounded-shaped inventory
  • Ergonomic positioning for picking
  • Efficient use of warehousing space

Pallet supports are one of the most economical safety features that you can add to your racking system and the bang for your buck of preventing a loaded pallet from dropping can be how you say… Priceless? Apex Warehouse Systems can spec and install any pallet support product from wire deck, to standard supports to drum cradles and we offer a variety of both new and quality used pallet support products through our Quick Ship Inventory. Simple, economical and smart — we can all support that, so give us a call today!