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Warehouse Pallet Rack Installation - Apex Warehouse SystemsLike all building and construction projects, installation of both new and modified warehouse storage system solutions requires proper permitting. Permitting regulations and codes for these systems are based upon city or county of the installation; so, even though a pallet racking system once met standards in one location does not mean it is approved for any other location.

Understanding the warehousing permitting needs and requirements is crucial in the successful installation of your material handling system. Apex Companies representatives understand the permitting process and will obtain all necessary approvals and permits needed to keep your project safe and on track.

Apex Warehousing Permitting Services:

• Building & fire code compliance
• Seismic compliance
• Permitting approvals
• Professional engineer (PE) stamped drawings
• Seismic Analysis

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Proper Permitting Process Accelerates the Build

Time lapse video makes it look easy, but it took lots of planning and expert execution to get it done. The Apex installation, permitting and project management teams combined efforts to fill this waiting warehousing space with over two-hundred thousand selective pallet rack positions in under three weeks. That’s a win for our customer who badly needed the storage space, and a win for the hardworking Apex teams. Well done!

Fast Track Build Highlights:

• 295,000 sq. foot. facility
• 241,000 pallet positions, selective pallet rack
• 3-week, fast track install

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