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Stop for a minute and think about trash. Every day your goal is to meet demand, but no matter what systems you’ve installed to make that happen, sloppy, messy, carelessness can stand in the way of success… and cost you a bundle in efficiency and worker claims. If you think about it for even just a minute you’ll recognize that keeping your facility clean is probably the easiest of all the processes to implement and one that pays you back exponentially.

Here are just three of the top reasons to keep your facility clean:

  • Warehouse Safety – Less worker injury, less equipment damage and better inventory control and protection.
  • Efficiency – Eliminating hazards, unnecessary equipment repairs, and improving picking, processing and sorting conditions positively impacts productivity and your bottom line.
  • Professionalism – Warehouse staff that have pride in their workplace are more productive and more likely to stay on. Customers are also more likely to stay with you if they see a clean, orderly, well-maintained facility.

Of course, if you are in food processing, grocery, pharma… your facility already is required to adhere to strict clean practices; however, no matter what inventory your carrying or producing, every product and operation benefits measurably from a healthy, orderly, safe environment. Here are a few great tips from the Apex team for achieving a Spotless record:

6 Clean Warehouse Tips

  1. Lighting – while this maybe doesn’t jump out as part of a clean strategy, lighting is very important for efficient function and accident prevention. Plus, well-lit, organized, pleasant work environments add to positive employee attitude and retention.
  1. Regular Cleaning Schedule – employ a maintenance crew that removes the trash and performs floor and equipment cleaning, or you can divide the tasks among teams of workers. Either way, cleaning should be done on schedule, routinely… daily, weekly, monthly whatever is required for your specific inventory and function. Use a calendar, checklist, or some sort of documentation to ensure the job is completed as expected.
  1. Quick Reporting – train employees on how to quickly report spills, or hazards. Clean-up equipment should be readily available and easy to access as well.
  1. Safety Accessories – use specialized equipment to prevent injuries, such as: nonslip safety mats or flooring where liquids are common, coverings for cables, non-slip stair treads, handrails on all raised platforms, caution signage & floor markings.
  1. Clean “Desk” Policy – the day isn’t over until the work area has been tidied up. This includes aisles and walkways. Keeping up with the mess is the best way to prevent it from getting out of hand.
  1. Turn Inventory – regular review and removal of out-of-date inventory minimizes clutter and allows for more efficient use of space.


Use Pallet Rack Design to Help Keep Things Clean

Inverted Channel Wire Deck

Did you know that your pallet racking can be designed to help keep things clean? That pallet rack is amazing stuff! While it’s recommended that racks be included in a regular dusting schedule, here are some suggestions from the Apex team to make that an easier job…

  • Rat Run – Allow for 6” between pallet rack and a wall for what is called a “rat run” for pest control (check local municipal codes for certain allowance).
  • Bottom Beam – Install a bottom beam in the rack so that pallets are raised off the ground and the area can be swept clean.
  • Closed-Tube Columns– Roll-formed columns closed on all sides prevent dust & debris to collect in the open side.
  • Box Columns – Structural rack closed on all four sides can also be capped on the top to further seal the column from dust or chemicals getting inside.
  • Inverted Channel Wire DeckWire deck wraps around the outside of the beam and the support is installed upside down so that it is not open to the top.
  • Dust Caps – Installed on bullnose column guards to keep dirt and debris out.

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How Can Apex Help?

Apex Rack Repair Mobile AppThe Apex team is here to work with you to design racking systems that work for you and help promote a healthy, safe working environment. We also offer two options to help you conduct regular warehouse safety and pallet rack audit inspections… which one works best for you?

  1. Apex Rack Repair Mobile App
  • Free mobile app
  • Walks you through a complete pallet rack safety audit
  • Captures necessary specs for repair orders
  1. Apex PROs
  • Conducts thorough audit
  • Prepares repair specs
  • Provides inspection report

Here’s more on both options…

Apex Rack Repair Mobile App provides Do It Yourself capability to conduct a complete pallet rack system safety audit. The app prompts you for key specs and photos as you identify system damage on columns, struts, baseplates, anchors, and beams. You can also take notes about wire decking, supports, load deflection, proper flue space, and more.

If all that sounds like something you’d prefer to Leave it to the PROs … Apex still has you covered. Apex PROs rack inspectors will come to you and handle your complete audit using the Rack Repair Mobile App.

Our Promise – Whether DIY with the app or a PRO audit you’ll receive a comprehensive rack inspection report with an independent solution recommending steps for system repairs and maintenance.

Safe, “healthy” facilities are key to warehouse optimization. The Apex Rack Repair Mobile App is here to help. Download the FREE app today, call our expert team or visit our website for more information.