7 Safety Considerations for Tall Pallet Rack Systems | Apex Safety Spotlight

When it comes to the installation and utilizing of tall pallet rack system, warehouse safety should be your literal and figurative highest priority. In a situation where these racks are often installed 30′ or more off the ground, there is a whole new set of factors to consider in order to keep your products accessible and secure and your employees safe during the workday. It’s not just a matter of putting up shelves and stocking them with whatever you want. Here are some things to consider as you start to set up shop and design your tall warehouse pallet rack system:

Warehouse Safety - Apex Warehouse Systems

  • Secure the Rack – Tall pallet racks should be securely anchored to a concrete floor. This can be done with anchors, overhead ties and row spacers. Fixing your pallet rack system to the floor, and sometimes the wall, reduces the risk of movement that can cause products to fall from shelves. Note, if you are building a single row of pallet rack, Apex never recommends anchoring the rack to the building structure. This puts stress on the building wall that it most likely is not designed to support. If a single row needs to be tied off it should be connected to adjacent rack with an overhead row tie, unless the building engineer reviews and approves of wall ties. Overhead ties can serve as a stability tool, together with ensuring proper alignment of the frames.
  • Punch Your Weight – If you’re purchasing a pre-configured tall pallet rack system, it’s critical that you know its capacity and how much weight it can bear. Misuse and overload of pallet rack systems is the primary cause of related malfunction and accidents. It’s also important to post updated load capacity charts to ensure overall warehouse safety and that pallet rack systems are not accidentally overloaded.
  • Protection from Traffic – Racks near heavy forklift or picker traffic need post protectors and upright protectors to mitigate impact and accidents. The corners and ends of the rack aisles are most susceptible to a direct impact. Use end-row guards, steel guardrails, (placed in front of the rack), post protectors and other pallet rack safety accessories to shield racks from warehouse equipment impact. Netting and wire guards should also be utilized in the protection of your rack system, inventory and workers.

Warehouse Safety - Apex Warehouse Systems

  • Routine Inspection – Regular inspections of your pallet rack system are an essential part of ensuring overall warehouse safety. Annually pallet rack should be audited to check for any bending or equipment strikes to uprights or beams; address any notification or signage shortfalls; assess misuse, overloading, crowded flue space and other incorrect utilization issues. Inspection should identifying whether the pallet rack is plumb, has damaged welds; popped-out beams and/or damaged braces or column protectors that can lead to inventory damage or system failure.
  • Maintenance Required – Routine maintenance should occur alongside your routine inspection to ensure all issues are being dealt with. It some circumstances, you may have to unload rack bays to properly repair or address an issue, but quickly and thoroughly addressing the issues not only gets the full system back in useable order but saves tremendous expense in downtime, inventory damage and workman’s compensation should an accident occur.
  • Call A Professional – Do not attempt to make any alterations to your rack without professional help. Damage to the rack structure substantial enough to require repair should only be made with a custom repair kit. Audits submitted using the Rack Repair App will be provided with custom repair solutions within a week of submission.

Plans should be approved by an engineer and updated once changes are made for your facility’s records. This where there is a record of the alterations in the event of an unforeseen accident, which can easily be caused by improper installation or repair.

  • Proper Loading and Unloading – There’s a science to everything; and this science becomes even more important when you’re dealing with hundred-pound projects at 30 feet or more in the air. Loads should be placed squarely and drivers should be properly trained to pick and load items. Don’t stack items directly on top of each other if racks aren’t designed for this. For system-specific driver training videos visit Apex Training Video Gallery.

Reach the Apex of Tall Pallet Rack System Safely

Apex Warehouse Systems has spent years developing and implementing safe, quality and compliant tall pallet rack systems for warehouses all over the country. We are acutely aware of the regulations and best practices that govern the design of these systems, and we’re ready to help you keep your inventory secure and your staff safe. Contact us today at 833-402-9547 to learn more about what the Apex team can do for you.

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