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Why a pallet rack punching guide? Pallet rack manufacturers have their individual approaches to building their respective pallet rack systems. The punches, i.e. connection points, of the pallet rack columns are often unique to the manufacturer and the connection method. Most roll-formed rack systems use a type of safety clip whereas structural systems use bolted configurations. To ensure you are making the right connections, it’s imperative to know the rack manufacturer and connection style.

When mixing and matching rack system pieces for expansions, repairs, or installing a pre-owned system, refer to our Punching Guide for help.

For example, these three roll-formed teardrop-style rack systems may be similar in shape, but as you can see, they have different connection methods.

Aurora Equipment – Iron Grip

Eugene Welding – SpaceRak

Stor Dynamics – Bloom Rack

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Pallet Rack Punching Guide - Apex Cos.

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Pallet Rack Punching Guide - Apex Cos.

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