Apex Releases New Rack Repair App Update | Safety Spotlight

Check Out Our Enhanced User Features & Improved Compatibility

Rack Repair App - Apex Warehouse Systems

The Apex team is thrilled with the response to the Rack Repair App and the positive feedback on how it’s helped so many users complete thorough pallet rack audits, accelerate rack repairs and improve overall warehouse safety.

We’ve recently updated the app with enhanced user features, and we’ve expanded system component options. In addition, Version 1.3 offers improved compatibility with the latest mobile devices including iPhone X. Here’s what you need to know…

New Features

Apex Rack Repair app is already an easy-to-use tool that guides users through each step of a pallet rack audit helping identify damaged rack and potential safety concerns. To continue to provide the best user experience we’ve added these helpful features:

Frames – Expanded Options

  • Input upright height – users can now include height for easier replacement frames quoting
  • Strut type/color – choose from open/closed, square, angle, round styles and color options
  • Largest unsupported span – Safety check! New feature allows you to determine if frames may be over-stressed due to unsupported span between beam levels
  • Recessed front columns – document specs for slope-leg, offset/cant-leg, raised I-beam frames

Note: Users will select leg style and brace pattern before selecting damaged frame component on “touch where it hurts” screen.

Rack Repair App - Apex Warehouse Systems

Beams – Detailed Reporting

  • Expanded Color selection –– choose from an extensive list of colors
  • Beam drop – enter data when beam clip extends higher than the face of the beam
  • Punching measurements – Enter beam punching information in order to allow installation of push-back rails or pallet supports.

NEW Pallet Rack Accessories – Identify Wire Deck Damage

  • Capture location information
  • Choose width measurement

Mobil device compatibility improvements – works on all the latest devices.

Rack Repair App - Apex Warehouse SystemsIf you’re using the Apex Rack Repair App to identify pallet rack damage and ensure warehouse safety, be sure to download the latest update 1.3.0. Take advantage of the new features and ensure your app is optimized to work with your mobile device. If you haven’t yet downloaded the App… go ahead, give it a try today! It’s Free to download and actually saves you time and money!

We’re grateful for all the feedback from our users, keep it coming! If you have any questions or are experiencing any difficulties while using the app, please don’t hesitate to reach out. The Apex team is here to support you! Contact Apex.