The Upside of Forklift Safety – Overhead Clearance Bars | Apex Safety Spotlight

Balancing warehouse productivity with safety is vital for warehouse management. Workers must be safe moving about and performing functions while at the same time, forklifts and other vehicles travel in the same vicinities. An easy way to improve warehouse safety and to protect pedestrians, equipment, and inventory is to add overhead clearance bars. Clearance bars…read more

Steady Ground: Critical Elements of Warehouse Floor Construction

  When it comes to warehouse efficiency, a solid foundation is not just a metaphor. The flatness and smoothness of your warehouse floor set the stage for everything from the stability of your pallet racking to your forklifts’ ability to navigate safely, and the protection of inventory and your employees. You can have the most…read more

It’s All About the Pallet – Essential Design Considerations for Storage Rack Systems

What considerations go into the design of a pallet rack system? The answer is there are many, covering everything from the facility specifications, warehouse space, obstructions, and climate, to inventory specs, material handling equipment and order fulfillment processes. But there is a foundational component that can’t be overlooked when configuring your pallet rack storage system,…read more

Get to Know Your Pallet Rack Columns – Material, Shape & Design

Pallet rack columns provide the vertical structure in a storage racking system. The racking system is configured by connecting front and rear columns with struts to form uprights. Then beams are connected to the uprights to form the storage bays. Columns can also provide independent vertical support (a.k.a. mono-post) in dense storage systems such as…read more

Building a Firm Foundation with Mezzanine & Industrial Platform Flooring

Growing companies are often encouraged to think outside the box for solutions to meet their expanding needs. Well, we’re here to say, not so fast. What if we look at our warehouse space potential from the starting point of a box… more precisely, a cube? Cubic storage vs. linear footprint is an ideal way to…read more

How to Optimize Warehouse Safety & Productivity with Drive-In Pallet Rack

Achieving the perfect balance between warehouse safety and efficiency is always the goal. As warehouse safety experts, the Apex Cos. team is focused on helping warehouse managers meet this important goal with useful guidelines on pallet rack storage system design, operation, and inspection. Being that drive-in pallet rack is one of the more popular pallet…read more

Putting the Drop on Pallet Rack Beam Connections | Apex Safety Spotlight

Beam Connector Plates and the Importance of Beam Drop — Pallet Rack Design Tips The beam connector plate is a small but critical element of pallet rack design, system function and stability. Plates are welded to both ends of a cross beam and used to secure the beam to the upright. Beams are then attached…read more

Apex Cos. Launches PEAK Shuttle – Semi-Automated, High-Density Pallet Storage and Retrieval

Pallet Shuttle Technology Increases Warehouse Productivity, Space Optimization & Efficiency Apex Companies is pleased to announce the launch of its new PEAK Shuttle System for high-density, semi-automated pallet storage and retrieval. The system is an example of the creative products offered by Apex Automated Solutions to boost warehousing capacities and efficiencies. The optimal application is…read more

A New Measure of Safety Established for Pallet Racking Steel Mesh Containment Panels | Apex Safety Spotlight

The Protective Guarding Manufacturers Association (ProGMA) recently released new standards for steel mesh containment panels used with vertical pallet rack storage. Approved by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI), the standards are the first of their kind and provide baseline performance and testing requirements as well as a blueprint for safe use and best practices.…read more

8 Steps to Keep Your Cold Storage Warehouse & Employees Safe

Working in a cold storage warehouse environment comes with its own unique set of safety concerns. It’s essential to understand the potential risks and best practices to keep your employees, equipment and products safe while safeguarding productivity. According to global commercial real estate firm CBRE, the recent health crisis has only increased demand for freezer…read more