Pinning Down a Secure Beam Connection | Apex Pallet Rack Safety Spotlight

Broken, loose, and missing rack clips are “small” but still a significant warehouse safety concern. In roll-formed pallet rack, a safety (or locking) pin secures beams to uprights, preventing the beam from dislodging if accidentally struck by a forklift or pallet load. The pallet rack pin acts as a positive pressure device that must be…read more

Smoothing the Integration of AGV and Pallet Racking

Automatic Guided Vehicles (AGVs) are increasingly seen gliding their way around warehouses throughout the U.S. While there are several terms used to refer to these vehicles, including: operator-less forklifts, self-guided vehicles (SGVs), guided carts, and driverless vehicles, what each share is clean, quiet, automatic-guided material handling. Pallet storage, picking, staging and truck loading are some…read more

An Upright Approach to Identifying Beam Damage | Apex Pallet Rack Safety Spotlight

There are many moving parts in a warehousing and distribution operation, but what happens when one of those moving parts unexpectedly interacts with one of your motionless parts… specifically, how should you address pallet rack beam damage? This Safety Spotlight takes an U-P-R-I-G-H-T approach to ensuring beam safety. U – Understanding the Basics: The shelf…read more

In Support of Pallet Supports for Selective Pallet Rack Systems

Pallet supports may seem rather unimpressive on first look… OK we said it.  However, what appears like a simple or non-critical pallet rack accessory is actually a really useful and economical safeguard for your pallet rack system, inventory and workers. The only problem with pallet supports may lie in the name Pallet Support… It Must Be…read more

“Measure Up” to Verify Safe System Load – Apex Pallet Rack Safety Spotlight

“Open concept” may be a trendy buzz-phrase but it doesn’t translate so well into pallet racking. A lot of open space can be a potential pallet rack safety hazard depending on the intended design of the system. At Apex… “we do safe”, so we are back with another Safety Spotlight to highlight the importance of…read more

When Does a Hit Become a Serious Blow – Apex Pallet Rack Safety Spotlight

  Pallet rack is designed to withstand some impact from material handling equipment, but when does regular use and some minor damage become a potential system or safety hazard?  A thorough and regular review of your pallet rack is the best preventative to rack failure, but what exactly is a thorough rack inspection? Your rack…read more

Securing Pallet Rack the Right Way… with Safety Pins??

The image of a safety pin is quite different for material handling experts vs the general public, but the function is very similar; safety pins secure things in place. In roll-formed pallet rack, a safety, or locking pin, secures beams to uprights, preventing the beam from dislodging if accidentally struck by a forklift or pallet…read more

Order Processing Systems –There’s Much to (Case)-Pick From

  Apex Gives the Breakdown on Case Picking Options Low-cost, high-efficiency case picking is a tall order, and with so many options to explore it can be daunting to create just the right mix of material handling solutions to tackle that challenge. The Apex team has decades of experience in designing customized case picking applications,…read more

NEW Mobile Pallet Rack Audit App Merges Tech & Experience

The Apex team is very excited to announce the launch of our new Rack Repair Mobile App, available FREE for both iOS and Android devices. Rack Repair App is the cornerstone of the Apex Rack Repair & Safety Program and the first mobile app developed to guide warehouse personnel through a complete pallet rack damage…read more