eFulfillment Challenges of 2020 – How to Understand, Address & Pivot

eFulfillment – In general terms, eFulfillment refers to the processing, packaging, and shipping of goods bought electronically and generally direct shipped to customers. The goal has always been customer satisfaction; to create a positive user experience so that customers keep coming back and your eFulfillment operation continues to grow. However, the challenges of 2020 have…read more

Setting the Bar for Storing Flat Stock in Pallet Rack

Pallet Racking Without a Pallet? Pallet rack storage is a warehouse staple. There are several styles and system configurations to meet every inventory requirement or order fulfillment need. However, the focus is often on finding the most space-efficient and productive method of storing palletized loads. What about non-palletized inventory that is still loaded and picked…read more

Contagions Out, Healthy Workforce In – TeamSAFE Sanitizing Station

Safeguard workers with TeamSAFE Mobile Sanitizing Station. TeamSAFE a self-contained cleaning unit that provides a cost-efficient and effective solution for facilities facing new EHS workplace requirements. Simply position TeamSAFE where workers or visitors enter and exit your facility. Contaminants, toxins, and bacteria are removed before entry to minimize the chance of spread within your facility.…read more

Do Stack Racks Stack Up? Yes, They Do

Modular Warehouse Storage – Stack Rack Keeps Pace with Fluctuating Inventory  There’s an old saying that goes “failing to prepare is preparing to fail.” Strategic placement of goods within your warehouse is critical to achieving maximum accessibility and organization. This is why so many warehouses and production facilities rely on stack racking systems to customize…read more

Keeping it Cool. A Peek Inside Cold Storage Warehouse Rack Solutions

Pallet Rack Storage to Optimize Cold Storage & Freezer Space As consumer demands grow and tastes continue to shift, food producers and distributors are asked to quickly answer the call. The Apex team is here to help with the 411 on the most effective freezer and cold-storage pallet rack systems designed for the demanding climate…read more

Move Over Static Rack, Mobile Rack is Changing the Warehouse Landscape

  Let’s face it: space is at a premium everywhere, including in warehouse and production facilities across the country. Another reality of the modern warehouse is the need for adaptability to accommodate changing SKUs, production, and operational paradigms. Mobile Storage Rack and Shelving Systems can accommodate both of these bedrock needs. They’re also an excellent…read more

What’s the Hold Up? Pallet Rack Strut Configuration & Safety

Warehouse pallet rack is designed to be tough, built with the durability and strength you need to store and protect inventory while safeguarding your workers. Understanding how rack system materials, components, and design work together to ensure safety and function can help your team know what to do should you have capacity or damage concerns.…read more

5 Reasons to Go “The Apex Way” When Choosing a Warehouse Solutions Partner

In the beginning, there was an idea… Apex Companies is a different kind of storage and material handling company. We began with a firm foundation… a foundation rooted in customer-centric principles and service excellence.  We call it the “The Apex Way”.  So how do a bunch of principles (27 to be exact) make such a difference?…read more

On-Site Rack Repair Inspection Training | Apex Safety Spotlight

Weighing warehouse safety and social distancing rules? The Apex Rack Repair team is here to help even the scales. Keeping everyone safe while ramping up fulfillment or pivoting to handle new inventory and worker protection regulations is challenging. Let the Apex team take some of the pressure off. Our Rack Repair and Safety Program can…read more

5 Safety Tips for Operating Automated Conveyor Systems

Automated conveyor systems are designed to make order fulfillment a breeze. They let you pack more, ship more, and expedite and streamline order fulfillment to maximize productivity, all while reducing the need for labor in your operations. They allow you to quickly shift inventory to the right places within your space while protecting them from…read more