Conducting a Pallet Rack Audit — Step by Step Video Guide

Apex Rack Repair App a Rack Inspector’s Best Friend

Rack Repair App Pallet Damage Inspection - Apex Warehouse Systems

Pallet rack inspections are a significant part of an overall warehouse safety strategy. Yes, it’s always important to quickly inspect a rack system that has had a run-in with warehouse equipment or inventory, but did you know that it is recommended that the overall system/s should be reviewed annually?

Professional pallet rack inspectors, like the Apex PROs, can handle the job. However, if your facility would like to train one or more employees to handle the task, we can still help! Our new Customer Audit Training Video is a step-by-step guide to help you prepare for and conduct a thorough pallet rack audit.

Rack Repair App Pallet Damage Inspection - Apex Warehouse SystemsOperational Training Video Features

  • Tools for conducting a pallet rack inspection
  • How & where to begin
  • Tips for finding difficult to see damage
  • Identifying improperly loaded inventory
  • Discerning an immediate concern vs an area to watch?
  • Testing for plumb
  • And more!

At the heart of our training program is the Apex Rack Repair App. The app is a free downloadable tool that allows you to record all the damage you find. More than that, the app prompts you for vital system specs to simplify repair kit ordering. You can also keep a record of damage for “watch” vs damage needing repair. Submitting your completed pallet rack damage audit is as simple as pressing the Submit button, really, it’s that easy!

Rack Repair App Pallet Damage Inspection - Apex Warehouse SystemsEach submitted damage location is reviewed by the Apex Rack Audit team. Once your damage report is evaluated, you’ll receive a comprehensive rack inspection report outlining next steps. The independent solution provided recommends steps for system repairs and maintenance to allow your team to complete the pallet rack audit and repair process efficiently and effectively.

Rack areas detailed in the Training Video:

  • Uprights
  • Struts
  • Anchors
  • Footplates
  • Beams
  • Row spacers
  • Wire decks
  • Pallet supports

The video also provides a thorough Frequently Asked Questions section that addresses our most common user inquires related to Pre-Audit, App use, and Post-Audit activities.

Rack Repair App Pallet Damage Inspection - Apex Warehouse SystemsThe Apex Companies are in the business of supporting safe, productive warehouse and manufacturing facilities. We developed the Rack Repair App to help warehouse owners and operators to improve safety which has a direct positive effect on productivity and cost-efficiency.

The Apex Rack Repair Mobile App is here to help. Download the FREE app today, call our expert team or visit our website for more information.