Contagions Out, Healthy Workforce In – TeamSAFE Sanitizing Station

TeamSAFE Mobile Clean Room - Apex Companies

Safeguard workers with TeamSAFE Mobile Sanitizing Station. TeamSAFE a self-contained cleaning unit that provides a cost-efficient and effective solution for facilities facing new EHS workplace requirements. Simply position TeamSAFE where workers or visitors enter and exit your facility. Contaminants, toxins, and bacteria are removed before entry to minimize the chance of spread within your facility.

This modular clean station provides more than just a sanitizing solution; TeamSAFE delivers peace of mind for business owners and operators, workers, delivery personnel, and visitors.

Make Health and Wellbeing Paramount to your Business

TeamSAFE helps you minimize workplace illness, downtime, and associated costs by stopping contagions at the door. This semi-portable cleaning unit is big on function and small on space, providing:

  • Hand washing
  • Foot washing
  • Sanitizing
  • PPE storage & changing area

TeamSAFE is OSHA-compliant, allowing workers to prepare for work in a clean, self-contained area safely and to disinfect at the end of a shift promptly. The unit’s pass-through design provides separate entrance and exit doors to allow for safe, congestion-free use by people entering and exiting industrial facilities. Touchless soap, faucets, and paper towel dispensing prevent cross-contamination while UV lighting sanitizes to prevent bacteria growth within the unit. Anti-slip plate flooring prevents slipping due to wet floors, while the self-contained HVAC keeps the unit comfortable for use when needed. TeamSAFE includes a boot-washing station outside the unit.

TeamSAFE Sanitization Unit - Apex Companies

Clean Unit Features:

  • Heating & cooling system
  • Automatic faucet & paper towel dispensers
  • Touchless soap dispensers
  • Stainless trough sink
  • UV disinfection lamps
  • Industrial high-friction tread plate

Ultraviolet Germicidal Irradiation (UVGI) units add an extra level of safety to reduce airborne pathogens and help minimize the transmission of disease. The air inside the unit is continually exchanged and the UVGI element is able to neutralize pathogens as they pass through the UVGI units.

TeamSAFE is Designed for:

  • Manufacturing Sites
  • Food/Beverage Processing
  • Warehousing / Distribution Centers
  • Construction Sites
  • Laboratories
  • Arenas / Events Spaces

TeamSAFE is free-standing and secured to a movable base skid that is easily positioned in place using a standard forklift. The unit is quickly installed and connected to the water and power from your facility to offer a full range of safeguards without adding brick and mortar or costly and lengthy renovations while consuming existing facility space.

TeamSAFE Sanitization Station - Apex Companies

Contact the Apex team to get your own TeamSAFE hand washing and sanitizing station up and running. Keep your team safe and provide them the peace of mind they need.