Do Stack Racks Stack Up? Yes, They Do

Stack Rack Pallet Rack - Apex Companies

Modular Warehouse Storage – Stack Rack Keeps Pace with Fluctuating Inventory 

There’s an old saying that goes “failing to prepare is preparing to fail.” Strategic placement of goods within your warehouse is critical to achieving maximum accessibility and organization. This is why so many warehouses and production facilities rely on stack racking systems to customize their storage solutions and reduce the labor associated with traditional pallet racking. Stack racks are among the most convenient type of racking design in material handling, offering portability, customization, and space-saving capabilities so you can change the configuration of loads and eliminate the need for wooden pallets, providing cost savings. They have emerged as one of the preferred solutions for warehouses in a variety of industries.

Reaching New Heights

Stack Rack Pallet Rack - Apex CompaniesIn a climate where floor space is always at a premium, and you can never have too much precious storage real estate, stack racks are king. They allow you to stack multiple racks on top of one another without direct contact between product loads. This greatly diminishes the potential for product damage like crushing and blunt impact from falling. They also help you go up with your product storage instead of out, allowing you to maximize floor space and configure your warehouse exactly how you want it for maximum maneuverability.

Stack Rack Advantages

  • Flexible – quickly and easily add pallet storage
  • Adjustable – reconfigure as inventory needs change
  • Maximize Space –  take advantage of vertical space
  • Cost-Effective – easy to assemble and configure to meet your needs

How Do Stack Rack Systems Work?

Stack racks can be easily set up and broken down when they’re not being used. As SKUs are added and rotated out of your facility, you can update the configuration. It is the ideal system design to help you keep up with your warehouse’s ever-changing space needs. A stack rack’s design consists of a pallet with posts attached to each corner.Stack Rack Pallet Rack - Apex Companies

Stack racks are made of plastic, wood, or metal. The rack’s base and posts are usually coated with a heavy powder-based paint that maintains its shine through years of use. These racks are made of highly durable materials for decades of longevity through all uses and conditions. It’s common for warehouse operators to stack these racks up to 10 units high.

Modular Customization

Another benefit of stack racking systems is their next-level versatility. These racks can be custom designed in multiple sizes and can be configured to fit your warehouse’s ever-changing spatial needs. This is especially beneficial for seasonal or slow-selling items that can be pushed to the back during certain periods. Stack racks are also ideal for moving goods out as quickly as possible for fast shipping. They allow you to arrange your packages according to their destination and map out expedited delivery processes. Stack racks require minimal maintenance and can help you cut down on labor costs, in the long term.

Stack Rack Pallet Rack - Apex Companies

Let Apex Help You Stack It Up

One of the primary benefits of stack racking is the versatility of the design; however, this can also make it hard for warehouses and distribution companies to know exactly what types of set-ups they need and how to best leverage these benefits. Apex is ready to help you take full advantage of the utility and customization of stack racking, so you can implement a solution that works best for you. We’ll conduct a full assessment of your space, your output and storage needs and your daily operations, and help you integrate appropriate racking systems that save time, space, and money associated with labor costs. 

Contact the professionals at Apex today so we can help you get the job done, and show you how stack racks stack up.