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Dream big, it’s OK! Measurably efficient warehouse storage and order fulfillment sometimes seems like a dream… Let the Apex team help you realize it!

Whatever your material handling challenges: bulk storage, slow movers, SKU proliferation, inefficient order processing, underutilized space, we have the experience and expertise to turn your challenges into a solution. Our plans are cohesive, productive, and cost-effective. Here’s a little more about the process…

Through careful planning, our goal is to refine your warehouse storage and order fulfillment operations to achieve maximum labor and equipment efficiency and intelligent space utilization. We begin by evaluating each process from inbound logistics, picking operations, and product storage. We analyze pallet rack and conveyor systems and consider each movement from staging to shipping. Then we analyze future inventory expectations to develop an optimized facility plan to meet your current and future needs.

Warehouse storage challenges turned into advantages… that’s the Apex Plan. Call the Apex Warehouse Systems team and we’ll get you back on track.

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Thinking Ahead: Customized Facility Planning on Display

Careful planning and future inventory expectations made this 2nd phase installation project seamless and minimized disruptions within a busy medical supply business. Phase one was completed only a year earlier, but product and operational success required phase 2 to go into effect a little sooner than expected… good thing we’d planned for it!

Check out the well-equipped 2nd story mezzanine project photos and spotlight blog for all the design details, then call the Apex Warehouse Systems team to get started on your next industrial facility project.

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