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Plant Buffer Integration

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Warehouse industrial manufacturing

Manufacturing isn’t immune to the recent surge in on-line prompted demand. As consumer order fulfillment changes and grows, goods manufacturers are challenged to find ways to maximize plant and warehouse productivity while reducing operating and product costs. Market demand, technology and shipping challenges require a new approach to the way raw goods are ordered and stored and also how finished goods are managed along your supply chain.

Planning for today and for future manufacturing, warehousing storage and fulfillment is vital to successfully compete in this hyper-active, consumer-driven market. Proper planning also has significant financial consequences. The Apex team has experienced professionals that can come alongside your operations team to help develop effective plans for plant buffer integration.

Apex Cos. will do a complete analysis of your manufactured goods to determine the best industrial storage, automation and material handling systems for your business operations. We provide full-service consulting and design to increase inventory flow and maximize storage efficiency. Even the best products can’t be successful until they get to market… Let the Apex team help you get them there as cost-effectively and efficiently as possible.

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Super-charging Operations Doesn’t Have to Mean High Tech & Expensive

Automation advancements are incredible and seem to be changing overnight. While there are many applications where high-tech solutions make the most sense, there are still opportunities where keeping things “low-tech” is the most effective.

Check out our time-lapse video and spotlight blog for all the material handling system details, then call the Apex Warehouse Systems team to get started on your next industrial facility project.

Project Details:

  • 112,000 sq.ft. facility
  • 12,000 pallet positions selective pallet rack
  • Combination of new & recycled racking
  • 5 weeks –from empty warehouse to production-ready!

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