Going High & Low for the Best Warehouse Safety Tools | Apex Safety Spotlight

Proceed with Caution

Warehouse Safety - Apex Warehouse Systems
We should always be thinking about warehouse safety. Whether you’re evaluating current operations or planning ahead, the best approach is to have a broad view of your systems and then identify the specific safety products and features that provide the best protection for your team. Safety is imperative for pallet rack and storage systems, employees, and equipment alike. Here are some of the most effective warehouse safety products to get the job done.

Warehouse Safety - Apex Warehouse SystemsPallet Rack Protection Products:

Pallet Rack Guards

Pallet rack guards are typically customized to fit your rack system. Often painted a bright color (yellow/orange), they help forklift operators avoid the high-impact areas of the rack systems, including row ends and front columns. Depending on the type of guard, it is bolted to the rack itself or anchored to the floor. Examples include:

  • End row guards
  • Column guards
  • Guard anchoring
  • Heavy-duty horizontal strut


Recessed Front Column

Warehouse Safety - Apex Warehouse SystemsWhile pallet racking is engineered to be strong and resilient, added safety can be built right into the rack design with a  recessed front column.

Recessing or removing the lower portion of the front column creates additional room for the forklift outriggers as they maneuver into and away from the pallet rack systems. The angle of the recessed leg can be customized to fit your needs. Design options include:

  • Slope-Leg Upright
  • Offset/Cant-Leg Upright
  • Raised I-Beam (image right)


Forklift, Equipment & Personnel Protection

Overhead Collision Protection

In addition to the rack guards, forklift drivers benefit from overhead collision protection in the form of suspended safety bars that are hung from the ceiling and protect the driver from colliding with overhead conveyors, overhead rack, walkways, sprinklers and more.

Warehouse Safety - Apex Warehouse Systems


Floor Angel Guides

Steel floor angle guides provide simple and extremely effective protection for cage areas, equipment service areas, packaging & shrink wrap equipment and more. Guide lengths are customizable.

Highway Guardrail & Bollards

Additionally, highway guardrails protect rack, structural platforms, in-plant offices, utility features, water mains, conveyors, and personnel workplaces. Guardrails come in a large variety of sizes and shapes and are available in a number of different durable materials.

Bollards prevent warehousing vehicles from entering areas while still allowing foot traffic to pass through. Bollards can be made from steel or durable plastic and can be fix-mounted or temporarily affixed to the ground.

Warehouse Safety - Apex Warehouse Systems

Get the Net!

Warehouse Safety - Apex Warehouse Systems

Pallet Rack Safety Netting

Don’t forget what goes up must also come down, and the best way to make sure it all comes down where intended is with pallet rack netting. Safety netting can be affixed to the front, rear, or top of the pallet rack to protect pedestrian walkways, tunnels, and work areas. It can also safeguard pallets from encroaching on flue space between racking systems, which follows the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) regulations.

How Can Apex Help?

Apex Rack Repair Mobile AppThe Apex team can review your facility and make recommendations for safety features to help protect your valuable assets and keep your operation running optimally. We also offer our Rack Repair Mobile App to provide hands-on pallet rack inspection and audit support. With the Rack Repair Mobile App, you can conduct the audit yourself or have the Apex PROs complete it for you. Did we mention the Rack Repair App is Free for download to your mobile device? Here’s what you need to know:

Apex Rack Repair Mobile App provides Do It Yourself capability to conduct a complete pallet rack system audit. The app prompts you for key specs and photos as you identify system damage on columns, struts, baseplates, anchors, and beams. You can also take notes about wire decking, supports, load deflection, proper flue space, and more.

If all that sounds like something you’d prefer to Leave it to the PROs … Apex still has your pallet rack inspection covered. Apex PROs rack inspectors will come to you and handle your complete audit using the Rack Repair Mobile App.

Our Promise – Whether DIY with the app or a PRO audit you’ll receive a comprehensive rack inspection report with an independent solution recommending steps for rack repairs and maintenance.

Safe, “healthy” rack is a key component in warehouse optimization. The Apex Rack Repair Mobile App is here to help. Download the app today, call us or visit our website for more information.