Move Over Static Rack, Mobile Rack is Changing the Warehouse Landscape


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Let’s face it: space is at a premium everywhere, including in warehouse and production facilities across the country. Another reality of the modern warehouse is the need for adaptability to accommodate changing SKUs, production, and operational paradigms. Mobile Storage Rack and Shelving Systems can accommodate both of these bedrock needs. They’re also an excellent way to increase storage capacity vs. expansion or new construction quickly.

Mobile storage rack offers a modular design, increased output, energy efficiency, and can increase storage capacity by as much as 90 percent. Their intelligent movement and storage capabilities make them an ideal alternative to traditional static pallet racking systems.

What is Mobile Pallet Racking?

Mobile storage rack systems are composed of moveable blocks of racking units. The rack is secured to mobile bases that are fixed to rails installed within the flooring. The rack units can be moved at variable speeds either electronically or manually. Software can be enabled to program the opening and closing of the aisles. In either design, safety is a priority. Sensors are embedded in the system to help racks avoid obstructions and other obstacles that can cause accidents and subsequent damage.

Remote or Computer-Control Capability – Choose between remote control or computer-programmed operation.
Automation Equipment Compatible – Configure to integrate with automated conveying systems and automated guided vehicles (AGVs).

Mobile Pallet Racking Advantages:

Mobile Storage Rack - Apex CompaniesAccelerated ThroughputOptimize warehouse storage space and improve SKU access vs alternative deep-lane storage rack. More pallet storage, fewer aisles, fast access to pick and put reduces operating costs and improves turn rates and lower cost of goods (COGS).
Reduced Operating Costs – Faster throughput allows for a reduction in operating times and related equipment, labor, and facility costs.
Improved SKU Selectivity – Mobile racking offers enhanced pallet accessibility vs. other deep-lane, high-density storage rack systems.
Enhanced Safety – Racks are equipped with dynamic and intuitive safety sensors to mitigate the risk of accidents. Airtight seals between racking units allow for maximum protection of goods and minimize the risk of damage and impact that can jeopardize the safety of your warehouse operation and staff. Also, racks can be equipped with movable sprinklers to ensure adequate fire protection.

Mobile Pallet Racking Applications

The heavy-duty construction of mobile racking lends itself to any warehouse facility processing weighty inventory. That combined with the condensed footprint of the system makes it particularly beneficial in freezer warehouses and cold storage facilities where space costs are the most expensive.

Mobile racking systems can offer significantly more storage capacity than standard static racking, and better enable real-time access for operators. Cubing out warehouse storage space to the fullest potential is a significant element of optimizing operations and reducing the costs of goods.

Mobile Storage Rack - Apex Companies


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Is your facility optimizing available space? Mobile pallet racking may be the best solution to help you reduce costs and improve storage and processing speed… and integration of mobile racking systems may be easier than you think. Contact the Apex team to learn more.