Need More Capacity? “Push-Back” on the Idea of Expansion

Push-back pallet rack Apex Warehouse Systems

Push-back storage rack is a go-to solution for medium to high-density storage needs. Typically designed to store pallets from 2 to 6 deep, push-back more than doubles storage capacity over standard selective rack… all within a condensed footprint which may just save the need for a major warehouse expansion.

Three major pluses to push-back are:

  • Increased pallet density in condensed footprint
  • 100% SKU selectivity – same as selective rack
  • Ease of access – all pallets flow directly to aisle face

So what is push-back rack exactly?  Starting with a base of standard pallet rack, depth is added by fitting each bay with a series of nested wheeled carts.  The top cart is loaded via forklift.  As the next pallet is loaded, the forklift pushes the top cart back and up a gentle incline so that the front pallet stays loaded and the rear pallets fill up as needed.  As pallets are extracted the forklift driver controls the flow of the rear pallets down to the pick face for automatic replenishment. Pallets are loaded and unloaded from the same side saving the space of a second aisle and supporting Last-in, First-Out (LIFO) inventory rotation.

Sometimes it’s easier to see something rather than to explain it… here is a video demonstrating the operation of a push-back pallet rack system:

Apex Warehouse Systems Push-Back Storage RackAs you may have noticed, the forklift is a key element for push-back rack effectiveness.  We recommend that your warehouse team be fully trained on proper loading and unloading, even purging hang-ups of push-back rack. If you are interested in checking out what kind of training would be needed, we can help – Apex has created a brief but comprehensive Push-Back Pallet Rack Training video.

Push-back pallet rack is relatively easy to maintain.  Apex Warehouse Systems relies on high-quality manufactured parts to construct your system in order to handle the rigorous use of a busy warehouse, but we recommend a regular maintenance review as we would with any racking product.  The carts must remain free from debris such as shrink wrap, splintered pallet wood, etc. to maintain trouble-free use but easy, quick, consistent checks of palletized materials is the best way to avoid hang-ups.  We also recommend using quality GMA-style pallets for the same reason… to avoid loose boards and debris.

Advantages | Considerations:

  • push-back carts Apex Warehouse SystemsHigh density pallet storage system
  • Requires limited number of aisles
  • Ideal for high-volume, low-SKU applications
  • LIFO stock rotation per lane/FIFO based on batched inventory control per lane
  • Minimized travel time for load and unloading
  • Full SKU selectivity for every level and lane
  • SKU size flexibility

Apex Warehouse Systems has designed and installed more push-back rack systems than we can count… well maybe we can count them but it would take a long time and we’d rather work on your project!  So, give us a call and let’s see if push-back pallet rack is a good solution for your particular storage needs and circumstances.