Put the Fab in Prefab with Inplant Modular Office Space

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Inplant Modular Office Space

What Are Inplant Offices?

Inplant modular offices are a cost-effective and customizable way to provide the necessary space for administrative staff while keeping them close to the heart of the operation. The modular design creates an enclosed work environment separate from the surrounding facility that is functional and yet fully portable if needed. While Inplant offices are typically used as a foreman’s office, they can be designed to meet a variety of functions.

The modular design, as opposed to conventional construction, makes the Inplant offices easy to build and economical. They can be constructed in a variety of ways to fit the needs of your facility, and they are customizable by size, number of rooms, function, and available as multiple-story units.

Inplant Modular Office Space – Applications

The most frequent use of Inplant offices is for administrative purposes. In keeping with the Lean Manufacturing concept of management working near to production, these portable, modular offices work perfectly. They provide a comfortable administrative area that’s separate from the plant floor, but close enough that they can respond to situations in real time.

Inplant Modular Office SpaceUnlimited layout possibilities include using four-, three-, and two-wall designs; multiple story units; and rooms customized for a variety of applications. In addition to administrative office space, common applications include:

  • Laser rooms
  • Equipment enclosures
  • Environmental rooms
  • Security offices
  • Conference and meeting rooms
  • Storage rooms
  • Cafeterias

Benefits of Inplant Modular Office Space

Added Security

Modular rooms can easily be designed as secure spaces by adding features such as security cameras, alarm systems, and design features which limit access and visibility. This allows you to keep sensitive information and operations secure, while still within the central area of operations.

Unlimited Size

Structures can be designed to fit two employees to dozens. The modular style also gives you the flexibility to adapt and move structures to your facility’s changing needs.

Temperature Control

Inplant offices can be designed with air-conditioning units to efficiently control temperature and keep employees comfortable.

Soundproofing for Noise Reduction

Inplant offices can be designed with custom insulation materials to reduce noise exposure from loud machinery or other factory operations. They create quiet, comfortable working spaces where employees are able to concentrate on their work without the need for additional ear protection.

Multiple Story Options

Inplant offices can be designed as two-story structures, optimizing your existing space. They can also be designed for mezzanine space above or below to ensure an optimized facility footprint and maximized pick and order processing efficiency.

Optional Features

  • Sound, thermal, and fire insulation
  • Unique electrical and lighting specifications
  • Special aesthetic requirements customized to fit your desired look
  • Storage roofs
  • Structural mezzanines

Why Apex Warehouse Systems?

Inplant Modular Offices

Apex Warehouse Systems has a team of experienced, qualified engineers to help you design Inplant modular office space for your warehouse, plant, or other industrial facility. Our team will provide you everything from specifications to installation, and an end-product that meets both your needs and your budget.

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