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In a recessed front column frame design the lower portion of the front column is bent inward at a slight angle, away from the aisle, to create additional room for the forklift outriggers. Often this type of frame design is used for drive-in pallet rack systems to minimize potential contact with the forklift as it enters and exits the system while loading/picking pallets. This design also allows for a greater turning radius for the forklift to further minimize forklift vs rack interaction. The angle of the recessed leg and overall design can be customized to fit your needs.

Offset/Cant-Leg Upright

Design Options

  • Slope-Leg Upright
  • Offset/Cant-Leg Upright
  • Raised I-Beam

Slope-Leg Upright is characterized by a front column that slopes or angles back toward rear column on the lower portion of the upright. This slope removes the front column from potential fork truck interaction. The degree of angle depends upon the rack dimension and upright capacity requirement. Slope leg uprights are often seen in drive-in/drive-through pallet rack to allow greater fork truck clearance as they enter, exit and maneuver around the system.

Offset/Cant-Leg Upright is a sharply recessed front post that angles back 90° towards the rear post (in some cases, connect with the rear post). The system application will define the height and depth with which the offset will be set. The offset can sit as low as 6” from the floor which allows outriggers to access the rack without interference while still accommodating a lower beam/pallet level. The 90° offset provides an easier visual for forklift drivers to gauge clearance for outriggers.

A Raised I-Beam base design elevates the product off the floor and still provides additional clearance for the outriggers of the reach truck by removing the front column.

As you can see, there are a lot of design choices for recessed front column designs. It’s important to get the design right… the first time. Give the Apex team a call to help you choose the right configuration for your space, equipment, budget and order fulfillment needs.

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