Setting the Bar for Storing Flat Stock in Pallet Rack

Fork Entry Bar for Pallet Rack - Apex Companies

Pallet Racking Without a Pallet?

Pallet rack storage is a warehouse staple. There are several styles and system configurations to meet every inventory requirement or order fulfillment need. However, the focus is often on finding the most space-efficient and productive method of storing palletized loads. What about non-palletized inventory that is still loaded and picked by a forklift… otherwise referred to as flat stock?

Fork Clearance Bar / Fork Entry Bar

Fork Entry Bars for Pallet Rack - Apex CompaniesThis handy pallet racking accessory is an easy answer for flat stock not stored on pallets. Pallet racking can alternatively be equipped with wire racking or decking but that requires a more substantial investment and professional installation. Fork entry bars are attached to or simply placed over the front and rear beams of a selective pallet rack system to raise flat stock up above the beam level to allow for the forks of the truck to slide in and deposit or retrieve the load. A pair of bars should be substantial enough for a typical load. They are available for step, box, and structural beams and may require anchoring with tek screws.

Bars are constructed of steel with a tubular shape that creates a 2 1/2” gap between the pallet rack beam and the inventory.

Warehouse Safety

The fork entry bars are an effective alternative to flat stock storage and allow for materials to be stored up and off the warehouse floor for better, safer flow of personnel and equipment.

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