Row Spacers

  • Material: Galvanized
  • Photo for example only – specs vary based on inventory




Row spacers connect upright to upright in back-to-back rows of rack. They are typically bolted to the rack columns and are used to provide space between two bays of rack for several reasons:  

  1. They provided space between the bays to prevent pallet collisions.
  2. They keep aisles neat and in line for an orderly warehousing system layout
  3. They maintain the required flue space required for fire codes
  4. They help to stabilize the rack

Row spacers are required for tall rack but are often used in shorter rack to provide added stability and rigidity. Row spacers should be positioned at brace panel points starting at the second horizontal upright brace elevation (approx. 48”- 60” from ground) and then at every second horizontal brace panel point thereafter (approx. 84” to 108” spacing).

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