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Warehouse Racking - Apex Companies

New DC Install for Major Home Improvement Retailer Complete in Just 3 months

The health crisis of 2020 has businesses of every size and shape scrambling to make changes that will enable them to move forward and better serve their customers and community. Apex has been busy with several large-scale warehouse racking projects to help position our clients to meet those current and future needs. Supply issues and protective gear aside, this project for a major home improvement retailer was installed and operational within three months.

We’re proud of our team and happy we could help a customer who continues to provide unmatched service and support for businesses and consumers alike.

Warehouse Racking - Apex CompaniesWarehouse Racking Project Specs:

  • Selective pallet racking & rack supported pick module
  • 50K sq. ft. rack supported mezzanine
  • 200k sq. ft. selective pallet rack for reserve storage
  • 64 bays single & double-sided cantilever
  • 3 million lbs. of steel
  • 3 months all-in install

The Apex team is still working hard to equip our customers so they can provide for their customers and so on. How can we help you? Give us a call today to schedule a project review, consultation, or warehouse racking and safety inspection.

Warehouse Racking - Apex Companies
Selective Pallet Rack

Warehouse Racking - Apex Companies

Warehouse Racking - Apex Companies