Cold Storage Reno with a Re-Purpose! | Apex Project Spotlight

Cooler Pallet Rack - Apex Companies
Repurposed Pallet Rack with Cant-Leg Frame

Project Spotlight Highlights:

  • Cooler & Freezer Warehouse Renovation
  • 35K pallet bays
  • Reconfigured & new pallet racking
    • Selective pallet rack with cant-leg frame
    • Deep-Reach pallet rack with cant-leg frame
    • 2-deep Push-back rack
  • Completed while the facility was fully operational

It took 3 phases, loads of coordination, and a lot of warm clothes and hot coffee to make this one happen! The Apex team recently completed this large cooler and freezer warehouse renovation for a global food processor, all while the facility was in full operation. This is how we did it.

3 Carefully Orchestrated Phases Equip Food Processor to Handle Inventory and Storage Changes

Cold Storage Pallet Rack - Apex Companies

Phase 1: Freezer renovation. Reprofiled existing selective pallet rack and installed backstop beams for roughly 9,000 pallet positions.

Phase 2: Cooler and freezer warehouse rack replacement. Removed the existing pallet rack (repurposed in phase 3) and installed new double-deep selective racks. The Apex team was able to reconfigure the existing pallet rack beams for the project and add new backstop beams. The frames were designed with a recessed cant-leg to reduce possible damage to the base of the upright from wide-swinging forklifts. Roughly 20,000 pallet positions were affected.

Phase 3: Additional cooler and freezer warehouse rack replacement. Removed the existing selective and push-back rack. The selective rack system was built using existing components from the double-deep rack removed during the second phase. We were able to use both frames and beams and provide an upgraded system than what originally existed… all with the repurposed racking. New 2-deep push-back pallet rack replaced the old system. Roughly 5,000 pallet positions were affected.

Freezer Storage Rack - Apex Companies

Project Challenges

  • Frigid working temperatures
  • Inventory rotating while work progressed
  • Extensive on-site coordination

It’s not so hot working in a freezer all day. It’s also quite a challenge to make sure your customer’s cooler and freezer products remain intact and on track while completing a complex renovation. For example, freezer products can’t be stored in a cooler and vice versa. If cooler storage isn’t available for products being relocated than the work has to transition to another location, which then has its own challenges with workers and materials. However, with the exceptional coordination between the Apex project managers and installation team, and warehouse management, we were able to complete the project efficiently and meet customer expectations.

Traditionally freezer and cooler storage facilities are more costly to renovate than ambient facilities due to the work hours required to complete the project. Yet, renovations are typically less expensive and less disruptive than a new build, so it is always worthwhile to consider the project from all angles before deciding on a course. Being able to reuse a lot of the racking materials in this project was a major benefit in keeping costs in line.

Count on Apex Companies Full-Service Warehouse Solutions

It’s important to be able to depend on the experience of your renovation team. Apex Companies provides full-service support to our customers. Our teams are cross-trained and work seamlessly on projects as is demonstrated in this cold-storage warehouse renovation. We will work with your team just as effectively. Call the Apex team today and let’s examine your best options for meeting your inventory processing and fulfillment goals.