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The most expensive warehouse to operate is a freezer storage facility. So when freezer space is underutilized and inefficient, it’s essentially like letting money fly out the door. In today’s competitive distribution landscape… waste is not an option, which was the case for one of our international food processing customers. Thanks to a series of recent Apex freezer renovations, they successfully reestablished optimal space and order fulfillment utilization. The push-back pallet rack redesign dramatically increased the number of available pallet positions while accommodating more SKUs per freezer area.

Project Spotlight – Freezer StorageRemodel:

A total of four freezer facilities received an overhaul. Inventory flow was reconfigured, and pallet rack systems replaced and remodeled.

Freezers 1, 2, 3

  • Replaced existing, severely damaged double-deep pallet rack
  • Installed a combination of 2 & 4-deep push-back pallet rack with a bottom beam for added storage and maximum space usage
  • Combined new & pre-owned rack
  • Created 4152 pallet positions

Freezer 4

  • Replaced existing pallet shuttle system which was underutilized due to changes in product mix – i.e. they didn’t have a high enough volume of pallets per SKU to support the depth of the system.
  • Renovated to a push-back pallet rack system to minimize honeycombing and increase storage and space utilization.
  • Reused existing uprights from shuttle system to configure new rack system
  • Created 4374 pallet positions

A large renovation is a big undertaking, but the Apex team is dedicated to minimizing business disruptions and project expenses. For this redesign, we repurposed existing pallet shuttle uprights within the new push-back pallet rack systems. In Freezers 1-3, the existing rack was too badly damaged to be reused, but we were also able to supply some pre-owned system components with the new push-back systems to bring the renovation costs in as low as possible.

Push-Back Pallet Rack - Apex Companies Push-Back Pallet Rack - Apex Companies

2 & 4-Deep Push-Back Pallet Rack in Freezers 1-3


Push-Back Pallet Rack Apex Warehouse Systems Push-Back Pallet Rack Apex Warehouse Systems


2 & 4-Deep Push-Back Pallet Rack Freezer 4

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