Deep-Lane Pallet Flow Delivers the Goods for Major Food Manufacturer | Apex Project Spotlight

Pallet flow rack is one of those storage solutions that really delivers… pun intended. It’s versatile for all warehouse climates and can be configured from 2 to 5 pallets deep and up to 20+ pallets in extra-deep lane systems. Pallet flow is most often used for First-In/First-Out (FIFO) inventory rotation, where pallets are loaded from a load/charge aisle and flow down to an opposite pick aisle. It offers high-density storage while minimizing forklift travel time and traffic.

This 3-level high, 11 & 12-deep pallet storage system recently installed by the Apex team for a major food producer in the Pacific Northwest is an excellent example of maximized space and inventory efficiency. The gravity flow lanes will keep raw materials at the ready for the adjacent food production facility. Here are the project specs:

Pallet Flow Rack Design

  • 12-deep, 3-levels high- 42” x 42” wood pallet
  • 11-deep, 3-levels high – 48” x 48” wood pallet
  • 3-rail wheeled pallet flow with added safety features –
    • Lane speed controllers to ensure safe pallet speed & tracking
    • Custom lane entry guides to assist in pallet placement
  • Pallet load weights – 1050 – 2400 lbs.
  • System storage capacity – 684 pallet positions

How can Apex help put your manufacturing, distribution, or order processing business on the right track? We’ve got the custom-configured storage and processing solutions to meet your needs and the team to see it all through to completion. Give us a call today to review your operational goals.

Pallet Flow Rack - Apex Companies
Pallet Flow System Side View
Pallet Flow Rack - Apex Companies
Load Side with Custom Entry Guides