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Pallet Rack Systems in Place and Ready for Inventory in New Georgia DC

Pallet Rack Systems - Apex Companies

The Apex Spotlight is shining on a new build recently completed in a peach of a state. This northwest Georgia distribution center is set to open in a few months to service up to 300 fast-food restaurants in the southeast U.S. The 200,000 sq. ft. facility is divided between ambient, cooler and freezer storage and has been equipped with 5652 pallet positions optimized for inventory storage.

Pallet Rack Systems - Apex Companies
2-Deep Push-Back Rack

Apex Companies was selected to provide pallet rack system design, materials supply, installation, and project management services such as coordination and permitting.

Project Scope

  • Roll-formed pallet rack
  • 5652 total pallet positions
  • 435.5 bays selective pallet rack
  • 135.5 bays dynamic pallet rack — 2-deep push-back & pallet flow

A Closer Look – Pallet Rack System Details

All selective pallet rack levels contained inside waterfall design wire deck, useful for storing non-palletized inventory.

Warehouse safety is always top priority, particularly for fast-paced food distributors where damage can be more prevalent. For added damage resistance, the pallet rack systems were designed with end-of-aisle rack protection, rack guards, and accessories. Pallet rack safety netting was affixed for the rear of the 2-deep push-back rack for enhanced safety of workers below. Additionally, inside-area perimeter guard rails and proper rack capacity placards were placed as per RMI guidelines at the end of the aisles to prevent system overloading.

Warehouse Safety Features: Eye Wash & Pallet Rack Guards

Warehouse Safety - Apex Companies

Pallet Rack Accessories: Wire Mesh & Rack Safety Netting

Pallet Rack Accessories - Apex Companies

Warehouse Storage System Pictures:

Pallet Rack Systems - Apex Companies
2-Deep Pallet Flow | Reserve Storage Above


Pallet Rack Systems - Apex Companies
Freezer Room: 2-Deep Push-Back & Selective Pallet Rack