Forget ‘Where’s the Beef’… We’ve Got the Bacon | Apex Project Spotlight

Cold-Storage Facility Opens in North East, MD with a Little Help from the

Apex Warehouse Systems Team

One of the things Maryland is known for is great food, so what better place to open a new state-of-the-art, cold-storage facility for a major U.S. pork processing company. Apex Warehouse Systems was pleased to be an integral part of getting this facility up and running to service customers.

The impressive new 420,000 sq. ft. building hosts over 40 loading docks and approximately 5.8 million lbs. of steel pallet racking. The Apex team helped design, engineer and install the structural steel pallet racking systems and pick tunnels complete with 53,657 pallet positions and a multitude of customized safety accessories throughout the facility… all in just 90 days!

Here’s a quick recap of the project.

Project Specs

  • 8m pound of steel
  • Structural steel pallet rack
  • 53,657 pallet positions
  • 420,000 sq. ft. facility
  • 90 Day install!
Warehouse Pallet Racking - Apex Warehouse Systems
Pick Tunnel with 2-Deep Pallet Flow and Push-Back Rack Above

Pallet Rack Systems & Configurations

Warehouse Pallet Racking - Apex Warehouse Systems
Deep-Reach Pallet Rack with Offset Cant-Leg Frame

A busy cold storage distribution center tends to endure a lot of materials handling activity, meaning heavy interaction between the forklifts and the pallet racking which can lead to damage. Apex designed safeguards into the systems and added accessories to prevent significant damage, including the offset cant leg frames on the rack to allow the forklift outriggers to access the rack without interference while still accommodating a lower beam/pallet level. The 90° offset provides an easier visual for forklift drivers to gauge clearance for outriggers.

Warehouse Pallet Racking - Apex Warehouse Systems
Optimization on Display

In three months’ time this facility went from a blank slate to one bustling with activity and poised to help streamline this customer’s national logistics network with the goal to optimize operations.

Just like we did here, the Apex team can help you reach your operational goals. Call today to speak with our warehousing design experts. The Apex team can see you through every step of the process from design to build to safety audits… we’ve got you covered.

Warehouse Pallet Racking - Apex Warehouse Systems
Custom Warehouse Safety Accessories

Warehouse Safety Accessories - Apex Warehouse Systems