What Goes Up Sometimes Must Come Down

Apex Successfully Tackles Multiple KIVA System Decommissioning Projects

Change is the nature of business, and sometimes that change means an overhaul that is too big to handle yourself.  The Apex team of licensed, national installers is experienced and well-equipped to safely dismantle all types of static, dynamic and automated storage systems like these KIVA AGV system tear-out projects.

KIVA Decommissioning -Apex Warehouse Systems

The KIVA system shelving PODs and work stations were dismantled, and the BOTS properly disassembled and recycled. The conveyor lines from System 1 that connected order processing to shipping were also taken down and all reusable materials salvaged and recycled. The modular picking, shipping and replenishment stations from System 2 were broken down and removed along with the pick-to-light equipment used in conjunction with the KIVA bots.

KIVA AGV Decommissioning Project - Apex

All of the dismantle work and clean-up was completed quickly and with the least amount of disruption to these busy e-commerce facilities.