Just the Right Ingredients Make Up This Food Facility Stew

A food buffering facility is a crucial link in the supply chain for a major food manufacturer.  This centrally located, midwestern facility consolidates goods manufactured throughout the U.S. to pull, pack and ship multi-SKU orders for waiting retailers.  Additionally, a buffering facility helps balance seasonally effected supply and demand for some goods by holding product that can only be produced certain times of the year.

So what does all this mean for a warehouse systems solution team like the Apex team? It means we need to plan for fast moving and slower moving pallets, case picking for order fulfillment as well as pick modules for individual piece picking.  It’s a veritable racking stew.

This stew however contains 75,000 pallet positions and spans 710,345 sq. ft…. yeah that’s a big stew!

Here are some of the ingredients:

Equipping a large facility is exciting but the smaller ones are just as important to us because we understand the significance that just the right racking ingredients can make to a business in need.  At Apex we draw on decades of material handling experience to create a facility like this and no less care is given to each of our projects. So give our team a call and we can discuss your product mix and see if we can’t together make a great stew.

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