Selective & Cantilever Rack Find a New Home in Northlake IL | Apex Project Spotlight

Cantilever and Selective Pallet Rack - Apex Warehouse Systems
Back-to-Back Selective Pallet Rack & Cantilever Rack

Every Detail Attended to… Welcome to our latest Apex Project Spotlight!

Each new build, tear-down or reconfiguration project is exciting for the Apex team. It’s where planning meets skill to make something terrific for our customers and this impressive new selective pallet rack and cantilever racking systems installation is no exception. Plus, there were very unique inventory considerations on this project with high-hazardous materials and security controls that made this one is a bit extra-ordinary.

Check out our time lapse video of the pallet rack building process… 3 months’ time in the blink of an eye:


Custom Sprinkler Installation

Project Details

  • 588,000 sq. ft. facility
  • 1.7M pounds of steel
  • Rack Systems – Selective & Cantilever
    • 18,200 Pallet Positions
    • 16,700 Case Locations
    • 260 bulk storage locations (Cantilever)
  • Highlights – high-hazard storage of aerosol products that required special fire safety features
  • 3 Month Install

Just for perspective…

1.7 million pounds of steel is about the same weight as two fully-loaded Boeing 747s…and as you can see this DC is ready for take off! And take a look at that custom safety equipment…

Custom Safety Equipment

Pallet Rack - Apex Warehouse Systems

Visit our website to learn more about Apex pallet rack accessories and warehouse safety equipment; Custom Apex Pallet Rack End Row Guards; Pallet Rack Column Protectors.

This warehouse is now a bustling distribution center for a global home improvement company and it all started with a blank slate… well, blank concrete if we’re being specific.

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Pallet Rack - Apex Warehouse Systems
Secure Wire Cages Built into Selective Pallet Rack