DC Consolidation Gives Pallet Rack a Repurpose | Apex Project Spotlight

A leading national hardware cooperative recently launched a major supply chain restructuring effort which included the consolidation of several facilities and closing of one it’s smaller retailer support warehouses in the Baltimore area. The Apex install (& dismantle) team was called in to tear down the pallet rack systems and clear the warehouse. Pallet rack…read more

Cold-Store Inefficiency Freezes Productivity | Apex Project Spotlight

  The most expensive warehouse to operate is a freezer storage facility. So when freezer space is underutilized and inefficient, it’s essentially like letting money fly out the door. In today’s competitive distribution landscape… waste is not an option, which was the case for one of our international food processing customers. Thanks to a series…read more

Apex Supercharges Fulfillment for Auto Parts Company

Performance auto parts deserve supercharged fulfillment, but that doesn’t always mean high tech and expensive.  Sometimes simple selective pallet rack is the best choice for an orderly, cost-effective and efficient fulfillment operation… especially when it is expertly designed and installed. See how fast your operation can be up and running: time-lapse video. Project Details: 112,000 sf.…read more

What Goes Up Sometimes Must Come Down

Apex Successfully Tackles Multiple KIVA System Decommissioning Projects Change is the nature of business, and sometimes that change means an overhaul that is too big to handle yourself.  The Apex team of licensed, national installers is experienced and well-equipped to safely dismantle all types of static, dynamic and automated storage systems like these KIVA AGV…read more

Selective Pallet Rack Gets Speedy Install Courtesy of the Apex Team

Time lapse video makes it look easy, but it took lots of planning and expert execution to get it done. The Apex installation and project management teams combined efforts to fill this waiting warehousing space with over two-hundred thousand selective pallet rack positions in under three weeks. That’s a win for our customer who badly…read more

Just the Right Ingredients Make Up This Food Facility Stew

A food buffering facility is a crucial link in the supply chain for a major food manufacturer. This centrally located, Midwestern facility consolidates goods manufactured throughout the U.S. to pull, pack and ship multi-SKU orders for waiting retailers. Additionally, a buffering facility helps balance seasonally effected supply and demand for some goods by holding product…read more

Apex Fast-Tracking Customers to Accurate, Efficient Inventory Stream

Project Details: 795,000 sq. ft. of new warehouse construction Multi-level, split-case module Full case, fast-pick pick module 30’ tall selective rack for full pallet, partial pallet or case-pick selection Installed in under 3 months! Have you noticed that the Apex galleries have been filling up with pick module photos and videos lately?  Our customers have…read more

Pick Modules Double Up at Busy Kitting-Fulfillment Operation

Efficient and accurate kitting assembly and fulfillment is no small feat as you can see from this multi-level pick module… or from a 2nd multi-level pick module.  That’s right it takes two rack supported pick modules to get the job done and what better way to connect them than a “dance floor”.  There’s 268 pallet positions…read more

Product Ready to Roll into New 2-Story Pick Module

  A second level mezzanine was recently added to this multi-level pick module to handle additional volume of full case and each picks. Take a look at the before photo (right) and after photos (below).  The deck’s framework was completed during the initial installation in order to fast-track the 2nd phase as demand escalated and to avoid interrupting…read more