Get on the Right Track with Push-Back Rack Carts, Wheels, & Rails

Push-back pallet rack is a dense storage solution that combines the density of drive-in rack with the selectivity of single selective rack for high volume, multi-SKU applications. 2 to 6-deep push-back lanes consist of nested wheeled carts that flow on top of inclined rails set inside the pallet rack bay. The carts are designed to…read more

8 Steps to Keep Your Cold Storage Warehouse & Employees Safe

Working in a cold storage warehouse environment comes with its own unique set of safety concerns. It’s essential to understand the potential risks and best practices to keep your employees, equipment and products safe while safeguarding productivity. According to global commercial real estate firm CBRE, the recent health crisis has only increased demand for freezer…read more

Keeping it Cool. A Peek Inside Cold Storage Warehouse Rack Solutions

Pallet Rack Storage to Optimize Cold Storage & Freezer Space As consumer demands grow and tastes continue to shift, food producers and distributors are asked to quickly answer the call. The Apex team is here to help with the 411 on the most effective freezer and cold-storage pallet rack systems designed for the demanding climate…read more