A Look Inside Industrial Shelving for Picking Operations

Industrial shelving is to nuts and bolts what pallet racking is to pallets. And what exactly is that you may ask? Well, simply put, it’s a highly efficient, economical storage solution. Not restricted to nuts and bolts of course, industrial or commercial shelving is ideal for storing hand-picked inventory for order fulfillment or assembly but…read more

Why Use Wire Deck with Pallet Rack? What You Need to Know

Popular Pallet Rack Accessory Examined – Wire Deck Wire deck is a common pallet racking accessory. It is made from a metal mesh that is designed to fit securely into place between the front and rear rack beams. It forms a foundation for placing inventory, most often non-palletized products, cases, and cartons, preventing items from…read more

Order Processing Systems –There’s Much to (Case)-Pick From

  Apex Gives the Breakdown on Case Picking Options Low-cost, high-efficiency case picking is a tall order, and with so many options to explore it can be daunting to create just the right mix of material handling solutions to tackle that challenge. The Apex team has decades of experience in designing customized case picking applications,…read more