Drilling Down on Pallet Rack System Anchoring | Apex Safety Spotlight

Your pallet rack system is comprised of uprights, beams, struts, baseplates, and all of the components used to support your inventory, i.e., rails, arms, pallet supports, or decking. These elements are strategically connected to form a storage system capable of holding load capacities in the tons, making proper anchoring critical for safe, effective use and…read more

Bottoms-Up… How to Assess Baseplate Damage | Apex Safety Spotlight

  You stub your toe, twist your ankle, or drop something on your foot… what’s your immediate reaction? Likely, you hop, limp, or lift the injured foot from the ground throwing yourself off balance. Well, your pallet rack takes hits regularly in “the foot” and if you are not treating that “injury” with proper care…read more