Going High & Low for the Best Warehouse Safety Tools | Apex Safety Spotlight

Proceed with Caution We should always be thinking about warehouse safety. Whether you’re evaluating current operations or planning ahead, the best approach is to have a broad view of your systems and then identify the specific safety products and features that provide the best protection for your team. Safety is imperative for pallet rack and…read more

Bring on the (Pallet Rack) Reinforcements| Apex Safety Spotlight

Pallet rack is rated for capacity in two ways: beam capacity and upright capacity. Your frame and beams must be able to handle the load of a fully stocked system. Thus, your inventory is your main determinant of your pallet rack system design. You may wonder why it wouldn’t be easier to just make a…read more

Protect Your Rack with a Strong Defense | Apex Safety Spotlight

Your guards are heavy, tough and can absorb a lot of punishment, but knowing how to identify an injury and when to take them out of the game is paramount to the success of the team. No, this is not a fantasy football league we are talking about, this is real, everyday life in warehouses…read more