Warehouse Floor Markings – Are You Speaking Our Language? | Apex Safety Spotlight

Apex Safety Spotlights address warehouse safety solutions and tools that are smart and easy to apply but can sometimes be overlooked in busy facilities. As far as the Apex team is concerned, anything that promotes safety and enhances productivity is worth knowing about, so we are shining our spotlight straight down to… your warehouse floor.…read more

What’s the Hold Up? Pallet Rack Strut Configuration & Safety

Warehouse pallet rack is designed to be tough, built with the durability and strength you need to store and protect inventory while safeguarding your workers. Understanding how rack system materials, components, and design work together to ensure safety and function can help your team know what to do should you have capacity or damage concerns.…read more

5 Reasons to Go “The Apex Way” When Choosing a Warehouse Solutions Partner

In the beginning, there was an idea… Apex Companies is a different kind of storage and material handling company. We began with a firm foundation… a foundation rooted in customer-centric principles and service excellence.  We call it the “The Apex Way”.  So how do a bunch of principles (27 to be exact) make such a difference?…read more

On-Site Rack Repair Inspection Training | Apex Safety Spotlight

Weighing warehouse safety and social distancing rules? The Apex Rack Repair team is here to help even the scales. Keeping everyone safe while ramping up fulfillment or pivoting to handle new inventory and worker protection regulations is challenging. Let the Apex team take some of the pressure off. Our Rack Repair and Safety Program can…read more

Conducting a Pallet Rack Audit — Step by Step Video Guide

Apex Rack Repair App a Rack Inspector’s Best Friend Pallet rack inspections are a significant part of an overall warehouse safety strategy. Yes, it’s always important to quickly inspect a rack system that has had a run-in with warehouse equipment or inventory, but did you know that it is recommended that the overall system/s should…read more

What are the Most FAQs about Apex Rack Repair App?

We’re here to supply the answers…   The Apex Rack Repair App harnesses the powerful technology of today to streamline and perfect the traditional warehouse pallet rack auditing. By simplifying the audit process we hope to make inspections more routine to improve overall safety and catch potential danger before it becomes critical. The app is…read more

The Apex PROs Have Your Back… & Sides, Bays, Rails, Guards & More!

Implement Your Warehouse Safety Program with the PROs Warehouse safety will always be a concern, but with the Apex PROs Rack Repair & Safety Program, we can supply some much needed peace of mind. The Apex PROs are certified pallet rack auditors. Each PRO is thoroughly trained through a proprietary Apex training program. Our program…read more

NEW Mobile Pallet Rack Audit App Merges Tech & Experience

The Apex team is very excited to announce the launch of our new Rack Repair Mobile App, available FREE for both iOS and Android devices. Rack Repair App is the cornerstone of the Apex Rack Repair & Safety Program and the first mobile app developed to guide warehouse personnel through a complete pallet rack damage…read more

2-Way, 4-Way, Plastic, Stringer or Pod… Pallets – a Crucial Warehousing Tool

What are the major components of your warehousing operation? Pallet racking, shelves, pallet handling equipment, employees and inventory control software are all an easy, “Yes”, but without one major item, your warehousing operation doesn’t get off the ground… and that’s the pallets. Experienced warehouse managers and logistic teams understand the value of selecting the right…read more