Brace Yourself – Important Pallet Rack Protection Tips | Apex Safety Spotlight

Brace Panels & Pallet Rack Guards Work Together to Safeguard Your Warehouse When we refer to pallet rack bracing, we’re referring to the series of struts bolted or welded between the front and rear columns. Together these elements form a pallet rack upright. The bracing is done to provide needed stability to the rack frame…read more

The Sign that Says Your Pallet Rack Redesign is Complete | Apex Safety Spotlight

The Apex team is dedicated to warehouse safety in all that we do from pallet rack systems design, to equipment and automation tools, worker training and, of course, rack system audit and damage repair. The Apex Rack Repair App is the cornerstone of our Safety Program for identifying damaged rack and ensuring appropriate repair… but…read more

The Big Picture on Bulk Storage Warehousing Solutions

Explore storage options for a variety of bulk items and containers… When looking at storage options for your warehouse or factory, your primary goals are maximizing space, ease of access to products, and safety. But with the large variety of options, it can be overwhelming trying to determine which or what combination of storage systems…read more

Transverse Vs. Longitudinal Flue Spaces

According to the National Fire Protection Agency (NFPA), there are two types of flue spaces to consider when designing a pallet racking storage system for your warehouse: Transverse Flue Space and Longitudinal Flue Space. See example below. Transverse Flue Space: Orientating yourself towards the racking face, this is the space between the product being stored…read more

Give Your Pallet Rack a Little Space – The 411 on Row Spacers

Row spacers can take the form of steel bars, channels, or rods. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes and can be painted, unfinished or galvanized. They connect upright to upright in configurations where rows of pallet rack are positioned back-to-back while allowing space between them. Why is any of that important? Row…read more