Apex Packs a Punch with Great Info & New Pallet Rack Punching Guide

Comprehensive, Searchable and Easy to Navigate — that’s how we describe our new pallet rack Punching Guide. Check it out for yourself! Why a pallet rack punching guide? Pallet rack manufacturers have their individual approaches to building their respective pallet rack systems. The punches, i.e. connection points, of the pallet rack columns are often unique…read more

Get to Know Your Pallet Rack Columns – Material, Shape & Design

Pallet rack columns provide the vertical structure in a storage racking system. The racking system is configured by connecting front and rear columns with struts to form uprights. Then beams are connected to the uprights to form the storage bays. Columns can also provide independent vertical support (a.k.a. mono-post) in dense storage systems such as…read more

Putting the Drop on Pallet Rack Beam Connections | Apex Safety Spotlight

Beam Connector Plates and the Importance of Beam Drop — Pallet Rack Design Tips The beam connector plate is a small but critical element of pallet rack design, system function and stability. Plates are welded to both ends of a cross beam and used to secure the beam to the upright. Beams are then attached…read more

Bring on the (Pallet Rack) Reinforcements| Apex Safety Spotlight

Pallet rack is rated for capacity in two ways: beam capacity and upright capacity. Your frame and beams must be able to handle the load of a fully stocked system. Thus, your inventory is your main determinant of your pallet rack system design. You may wonder why it wouldn’t be easier to just make a…read more