Pallet Stacking – How High is Too High? | Apex Safety Spotlight

Avoid Unnecessary Warehouse Hazards with an Empty Pallet Storage Plan Workplace safety is effectively a tool for producing cost-effective warehouse operations. Preventing injuries, damage and productivity slowdowns allows your staff to move safely and effectively about the facility and saves valuable time and expense. With billions of pallets flowing in and out of U.S. warehouse…read more

Do Stack Racks Stack Up? Yes, They Do

Modular Warehouse Storage – Stack Rack Keeps Pace with Fluctuating Inventory  There’s an old saying that goes “failing to prepare is preparing to fail.” Strategic placement of goods within your warehouse is critical to achieving maximum accessibility and organization. This is why so many warehouses and production facilities rely on stack racking systems to customize…read more

Apex Cos COVID-19 Safety, Protection and Customer Satisfaction Commitment

Apex Companies Remains Committed to the Safety of Our Staff and the Satisfaction of Our Customers during the COVID-19 Pandemic Like every industry, the warehousing and logistics space has experienced systemic change and largely unprecedented interruption in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, despite being classified as a critical infrastructure segment. At Apex Companies, we…read more

3 Best Practices for Productivity-Enhancing Warehouse Ergonomics

Injuries are far too common in the warehousing industry, with workers experiencing nearly twice as many musculoskeletal injuries as workers in the general private sector. However, good ergonomic practices can help prevent these injuries from occurring in the first place. According to a 2013 study by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the U.S. warehousing and…read more

Pallet Rack Storage Options for Inventory Optimization

It may seem less disruptive or even less expensive to simply choose selective pallet rack for your storage or order fulfillment operation rather than rock the boat with a high-density, dynamic or automated system. We get it, and yes simple selective pallet rack is a dependable warehousing solution. However, with labor shortages, increasing demand, faster…read more

Fire Safety Beyond Compliance | Apex Safety Spotlight

Compliance with established warehouse fire safety codes is a given. The codes are essential and designed to prevent dangerous warehouse conditions that could lead to a fire. Codes also ensure that systems design and suppression measures are in place to enable an evacuation of personnel should a fire begin. That’s the paramount function as it…read more

Transverse Vs. Longitudinal Flue Spaces

According to the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), there are two types of flue spaces to consider when designing a pallet racking storage system for your warehouse: Transverse and Longitudinal Flue Spaces. See example below. Transverse Flue Space: Orientating yourself towards the racking face, this is the space between the product being stored parallel to…read more

Drop the Welding Torch & Order Your Repair Kit | Apex Safety Spotlight

Welded Rack Repairs vs Rack Repair Kit – Why It’s a No Contest Battle Pallet rack damage that is determined significant enough to compromise the integrity of the system requires repair… that is something we can all agree upon. We should also agree that when it comes to the actual pallet rack repair there is…read more

Going Up? Mezzanines – Looking at Freestanding vs Rack Supported

Mezzanines or work platforms are an excellent way to take advantage of often underutilized warehouse “cube” space.  By cube we mean the 3rd dimension… not just square footage but vertical space too.  You’re paying for the whole inside of your facility, so why not maximize every bit of it, right? Mezzanines can support office space,…read more