5 Reasons to Go “The Apex Way” When Choosing a Warehouse Solutions Partner

In the beginning, there was an idea… Apex Companies is a different kind of storage and material handling company. We began with a firm foundation… a foundation rooted in customer-centric principles and service excellence.  We call it the “The Apex Way”.  So how do a bunch of principles (27 to be exact) make such a difference?…read more

Apex Cos COVID-19 Safety, Protection and Customer Satisfaction Commitment

Apex Companies Remains Committed to the Safety of Our Staff and the Satisfaction of Our Customers during the COVID-19 Pandemic Like every industry, the warehousing and logistics space has experienced systemic change and largely unprecedented interruption in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, despite being classified as a critical infrastructure segment. At Apex Companies, we…read more

Coming to Terms with the Material Handling Word Soup

Apex Shares Helpful Pallet Rack Glossary While no business is immune to confusion and mistakes due to miscommunication, we find that common terms and phrases are anything but common in the material handling & warehousing sector. Given that the average facility has potentially millions of moving parts, it’s critical that your team rely on a…read more