Move Over Static Rack, Mobile Rack is Changing the Warehouse Landscape

  Let’s face it: space is at a premium everywhere, including in warehouse and production facilities across the country. Another reality of the modern warehouse is the need for adaptability to accommodate changing SKUs, production, and operational paradigms. Mobile Storage Rack and Shelving Systems can accommodate both of these bedrock needs. They’re also an excellent…read more

Coming to Terms with the Material Handling Word Soup

Apex Shares Helpful Pallet Rack Glossary While no business is immune to confusion and mistakes due to miscommunication, we find that common terms and phrases are anything but common in the material handling & warehousing sector. Given that the average facility has potentially millions of moving parts, it’s critical that your team rely on a…read more

Safely Steer Your Drive-In Rack Operation | Apex Safety Spotlight

Drive-in pallet rack is a high density, deep-lane storage system configured to maximize warehouse space while storing high-volume SKUs. The rack is compact and efficient but requires a proficient forklift driver to carefully drive into the drive-in lane for pallet put-a-way and retrieval. Pallets are placed on heavy-duty rails that run the full depth of…read more