Brace Yourself – Important Pallet Rack Protection Tips | Apex Safety Spotlight

Brace Panels & Pallet Rack Guards Work Together to Safeguard Your Warehouse When we refer to pallet rack bracing, we’re referring to the series of struts bolted or welded between the front and rear columns. Together these elements form a pallet rack upright. The bracing is done to provide needed stability to the rack frame…read more

What are the Most FAQs about Apex Rack Repair App?

We’re here to supply the answers…   The Apex Rack Repair App harnesses the powerful technology of today to streamline and perfect the traditional warehouse pallet rack auditing. By simplifying the audit process we hope to make inspections more routine to improve overall safety and catch potential danger before it becomes critical. The app is…read more

Drop the Welding Torch & Order Your Repair Kit | Apex Safety Spotlight

Welded Rack Repairs vs Rack Repair Kit – Why It’s a No Contest Battle Pallet rack damage that is determined significant enough to compromise the integrity of the system requires repair… that is something we can all agree upon. We should also agree that when it comes to the actual pallet rack repair there is…read more

Push-Back Pallet Rack Forklift Training | Apex Video Training Series

Proper Load & Unload Techniques for Push-Back Pallet Rack Push-Back pallet rack is a high density storage solution that relies on an arrangement of enveloping wheeled carts positioned on slightly inclined rails.  Pallets are loaded and unloaded from a single aisle supporting Last-In, First-Out inventory rotation. For optimal productivity and worker safety, your warehouse team…read more

Protect Your Rack with a Strong Defense | Apex Safety Spotlight

Your guards are heavy, tough and can absorb a lot of punishment, but knowing how to identify an injury and when to take them out of the game is paramount to the success of the team. No, this is not a fantasy football league we are talking about, this is real, everyday life in warehouses…read more

How to Protect Your Warehouse Investment with Pallet Rack Safety Accessories

One of the biggest investments in a warehousing and fulfillment operation is the pallet rack system.  Your pallet rack design must be flexible enough to be timeless – not just simply to hold the weight of multiple levels of pallets, but to withstand the rigors of day to day order throughput, forklift interface and occasional…read more