Pallet Stacking – How High is Too High? | Apex Safety Spotlight

Avoid Unnecessary Warehouse Hazards with an Empty Pallet Storage Plan Workplace safety is effectively a tool for producing cost-effective warehouse operations. Preventing injuries, damage and productivity slowdowns allows your staff to move safely and effectively about the facility and saves valuable time and expense. With billions of pallets flowing in and out of U.S. warehouse…read more

It’s All About the Pallet – Essential Design Considerations for Storage Rack Systems

What considerations go into the design of a pallet rack system? The answer is there are many, covering everything from the facility specifications, warehouse space, obstructions, and climate, to inventory specs, material handling equipment and order fulfillment processes. But there is a foundational component that can’t be overlooked when configuring your pallet rack storage system,…read more

Remembering Bill Lorden – Founder of the Keyhole Design that Forever Changed Pallet Rack

Once upon a time there was a Chicago-based company named Acme Steel. They’d been in business in one iteration or another since 1887… and carried-on through two world wars, the Great Depression, and a number of other serious challenges. Then in the 1950’s they were once again confronted with a challenge, in the form of…read more

When Consistency is a Bad Thing for Warehouse Racking | Apex Safety Spotlight

  Successful warehousing and distribution operations are built on performing tasks by rote… receive, store, pick, pack, ship…. and repeat. Pallet rack systems are a great support system (literally and figuratively) for those types of productive and efficient storage, picking and processing operations. Doesn’t it make sense then, that rack systems should remain in good,…read more

Increasing Order Picking Efficiencies… One Layer at a Time

How the right layer picking system can revolutionize your order fulfillment: Layer picking is a method of order selection used in high-volume staging or mixing centers that allows for full layers of cases to be picked in one single pick from a pallet using a clamp or suction attachment device. Layer picking applications have steadily…read more

Industrial Pallet Rack Systems – How to Find the Best Solution

The Process:  Designing the Right Storage and Fulfillment Solution for Your Warehouse Whether you’re looking for more pallet rack, designing a new warehouse racking system or modifying what you already have, there are many things to consider in the development of your material handling and storage rack system.  A quick walk-through of the process and…read more