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Cantilever racking is uniquely designed for storing bulky, awkwardly shaped items that don’t fit on conventional storage racking or industrial shelving. Construction materials, utility equipment, and furniture can all find a place within a cantilever rack system. As opposed to storage rack bays with defined widths and heights, cantilever rack is designed using sturdy columns and outstretched arms where items of all shapes and sizes are placed. The arms can be adjusted independently throughout the system. Additionally, different styles and sizes of arms can be used in the same system making it easy to configure and highly customizable. The types of arms available are straightforward… or inclined…depending on which ones you choose!

Types of Cantilever Racking Arms

Choosing the right type of arm for your cantilever rack system is important to get the results you expect. Cantilever arms are available in a variety of depths and strengths to accommodate light-, medium- and heavy-duty product loads. Arms simply bolt onto the columns allowing for easy installation and repositioning due to inventory changes. Arm capacity is based on uniformly distributed loads.

Cantilever Rack - Apex Companies


  • Straight Cantilever Racking Arms – Straight arms are available in a variety of load-bearing capacities, from light-duty to extra-heavy duty. They generally start at three inches in length but are available in a wide range of lengths and dimensions. Straight cantilever arms are ideal for storing flat products, like wood, sheet metal and other construction materials. They are generally built on a two to four-degree incline and can accommodate weight loads of anywhere from 250 – 2000 pounds per arm, depending on design and weight capacity.
  • Inclined Cantilever Racking Arms – Inclined arms slope upward to ensure that products loaded onto the rack can rest securely at the column connection point. The incline keeps the inventory from rolling off the end of the cantilever arms. They are ideal for storing rounder products, like tubing, PVC pipe and other cylindrical products.
  • Axel Cantilever Racking Arms – Axel arms can be either straight or inclined but allow rollers to connect to the end points of each arm for rolled materials, like carpeting, different types of fabric and wrapping. Curved ends at the arm allow for rollers to rest on the arms for easy and smooth movement. Axel cantilever arms are available in multiple sizes to accommodate different roller dimensions.

Depending on the inventory type and use of the system, there are accessory products tailor-made to support productive, safe operations.

  • Pipe Stops – For piece picking applications, it’s advisable to install pipe stops to end of the arms to prevent product from falling off the rack. The steel rods insert into a tube that is bolted to the end or side of the cantilever arm. They are simple to install and reposition for inventory changes.


  • Wire Deck – In furniture cantilever rack, it is beneficial to have wire deck positioned across the arms to provide a level surface for storing bulk product.


Cantilever Rack - Apex Companies
Furniture Cantilever Storage with Wire Decking

When choosing cantilever rack arms, the depth of the arm should be as deep as the inventory. Inventory should not overhang the arm risking potential safety concerns.

Cantilever Rack - Apex Companies

Let APEX Guide You in The Selection of Your Cantilever Rack and Accessories

Our team is ready to help you select the cantilever racking that is right for you, complete with the accessories and arms you need to build the perfect systems for your workflow. If you have awkward, bulky, or unusually shaped inventory to store, cantilever racking can be the perfect choice to improve your inventory access and efficiency and better utilize vertical space inside your facility

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