The Upside of Forklift Safety – Overhead Clearance Bars | Apex Safety Spotlight

Overhead Clearance Bars - Apex Cos.

Balancing warehouse productivity with safety is vital for warehouse management. Workers must be safe moving about and performing functions while at the same time, forklifts and other vehicles travel in the same vicinities. An easy way to improve warehouse safety and to protect pedestrians, equipment, and inventory is to add overhead clearance bars.

Clearance bars warn forklift operators of maximum height restrictions to prevent accidents… and the worker’s compensation, equipment damage and insurance complications that accompany them.

Forklift clearance bars are particularly helpful in ensuring safety around:

  • Mezzanines
  • Suspended Conveyor Systems
  • Tunnels
  • Pick Areas
  • Loading Areas
  • Doorways/Passthroughs

Overhead clearance bars are available in a variety sizes and materials, from polyethylene to steel. They are typically suspended with chains and painted a bright color, such as yellow, to make them highly noticeable. Clearance bars can also be marked with reflectors and safety information, for example, the max height for safe pass through.

If you’re interested in an easy way to up your warehouse safety, give Apex Cos. a call. We can perform a safety inspection and make recommendations to help you reduce unnecessary downtime and expense due to existing warehouse hazards or in preparation for new equipment or functions.

Overhead Clearance Bars - Apex Cos.

You can also download the Apex Rack Repair App to evaluate any pallet rack system damage that you may have in your facility to see if it is still safe for operation. Here’s more about the Rack Repair App…

Rack Repair at Your Fingertips

Apex Rack Repair Mobile AppDownload the Free Apex Rack Repair App from Google Play or the App Store and use the guided program to inspect any existing pallet rack damage. The app allows you to photograph areas of concern and record all the critical specs in case replacement kits or components are needed. When your inspection is complete, just upload your audit to the Apex team for a professional review. Our team will get back to you quickly with any necessary repair recommendations.

However, if time and or manpower are at a premium, don’t let that stop you from tending to damaged areas quickly. One call and the Apex PROs are on the case. Our PROs are trained, certified rack and safety inspectors and they will come to you.

Whether we perform your audit, or you handle it yourself using the rack repair app, the Apex Promise guarantees you an independent, unbiased report plus repair or replacement solution, if needed.