Warehouse Cages, Fences & Partitions Provide Versatile Security Solutions

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Secure Wire Cages Built into Pallet Rack

Security is an important issue at any business where expensive equipment is used, or where products are stored. Warehouse cages, fences, and partitions allow you to install secure areas quickly and easily. They offer versatile solutions that help save money and improve the safety of your workers.

How They Work

Partitions – Partitions are panels of wire mesh that bolt to vertical posts. They stack on top of each other vertically to create a custom finished height. Partitions provide a strong, secure barrier that are fast and easy to install. Customize your partition to almost any layout to provide the ultimate security for your needs.

Cages – Wire mesh security cages consist of multiple partitions to form a complete enclosure. They come in a range of standard sizes and heights, or they can be customized to fit your unique needs. Wire cages are used for several purposes in a warehouse facility for example, securing and protecting computerized systems, securing inventory, tool cribs and maintenance equipment. Wire cages are valuable for organizing items while also keeping them secure.

Fencing – Fencing is the use of wire mesh partitions to create an extended barrier around a secure area.


Strength and sturdiness are top priorities when choosing wire cages, fencing, and partitions for any application. Some of the benefits of cages and wire petitions include:

  • Versatility – Unlike permanent walls, cages, fences, and partitions are temporary. You can add more secure space or move it to another location as your business grows. Easily add onto your existing wire cages.
  • Prevent Theft– The materials that warehouse crews use are expensive and subject to theft. Securing your equipment within a wire barrier protects it from theft resulting in significant savings to you.
  • Warehouse Cages Fences Partitions - Apex Warehouse Systems
    Easy Access to Inventory & Fire Safety Compliant

    Improved SafetyOSHA offers strict guidelines for the operation and use of warehouse equipment. Keeping your equipment secure prevents employees without the proper training and skills from obtaining access to it. Creating a safer environment for your employees helps protect your greatest asset. Wire cages also help you maintain OSHA compliance by making airflow and sprinkler systems accessible to the storage areas.

  • Improved Visibility – Open wire mesh lets you see inside the area to keep better stock of what’s inside. The transparency brings an end to searching for items and adds an extra measure of security to support your monitoring system.

The final feature that makes wire cages, fencing, and partitions secure are the locking options. Choose from a broad range of locking mechanisms that only allow access to the people you want to have it.

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