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TeamSAFE Mobile Cleaning Unit Protects Your Workers & Your Business

TeamSAFE Modular Cleaning Room - Apex CompaniesYour workers are your greatest asset and their safety is paramount to your business health – the Apex TeamSAFE Mobile Cleaning Station helps keep them safe, healthy, and ready for work. Designed for people entering and exiting commercial and industrial properties, TeamSAFE protects your team from contracting or spreading harmful contagions, toxins, or bacteria.

TeamSAFE is Designed for:

  • Hand washing
  • Foot washing
  • Sanitizing
  • PPE storage & changing

Apex’s OSHA-compliant modular sanitization unit allows workers to safely prepare for work in a clean facility and provides a self-contained area to promptly disinfect at the end of a shift.

Clean Unit Features:

  • Heating & cooling system
  • Automatic faucet & paper towel dispensers
  • Automatic soap dispensers
  • Stainless trough sink
  • UV disinfecting lamps
  • Industrial high-friction tread plate

The TeamSAFE unit has a separate entrance and exit doors to allow for safe, congestion-free use by personnel entering or exiting industrial facilities. The unit is self-contained on a movable skid and quickly positioned for optimal use. TeamSAFE easily connects/disconnects to on-site electrical power and plumbing sources.

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TeamSAFE is designed for use by workers & visitors entering or exiting the building, protecting them from contracting or spreading contagions, toxins or bacteria.


Structure & Features Electrical Plumbing
  • 5′ wide x 10′ long by 8’6″ tall inside dimensions
  • Built on 2″ x 4″ channel floor for forklift access
  • Structural 3″ stud construction – wall & ceiling
  • G90 galvanized interior walls & ceiling
  • Insulated exterior and roof with 2″ blue board
  • Embossed aluminum-clad exterior
  • (2) 36″ wide ADA swinging doors with windows
  • Industrial, anti-slip tread plate floor
  • (1) Receptacles with associated romex wiring
  • (1) Electrical 120V 30A panel with connection point or site utilities
  • (1) LED 2′ x 4″ light
  • (2) Advanced UV disinfection products – Evergreen UV Lumalier Corp.
  • (1) Stainless steel trough sink
  • (3) Stainless steel auto faucets
  • (3) Triple S auto paper towel dispensers
  • (3) Triple S auto soap dispenser
  • (2) drains with associate PVC pipe
  • PEX piping for hot and cold domestic water
  • Boot washing station on building exterior


TeamSAFE Modular Cleaning Room - Apex Companies

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TeamSAFE Modular Cleaning Room - Apex Companies