Going High & Low for the Best Warehouse Safety Tools | Apex Safety Spotlight

Proceed with Caution We should always be thinking about warehouse safety. Whether you’re evaluating current operations or planning ahead, the best approach is to have a broad view of your systems and then identify the specific safety products and features that provide the best protection for your team. Safety is imperative for pallet rack and…read more

Did You Feel That? Seismic Considerations in Pallet Rack System Design

How and Why You Should Factor Seismic Events into Your Pallet Rack and Warehouse Design The importance of seismic considerations in pallet rack system design cannot be overstated. We often think of earthquakes as rare phenomena; however, data from the United States Geological Survey indicates that there are approximately 55 per day on average, 16…read more

7 Safety Considerations for Tall Pallet Rack Systems | Apex Safety Spotlight

When it comes to the installation and utilizing of tall pallet rack system, warehouse safety should be your literal and figurative highest priority. In a situation where these racks are often installed 30′ or more off the ground, there is a whole new set of factors to consider in order to keep your products accessible…read more

Apex Releases New Rack Repair App Update | Safety Spotlight

What’s New in Your Apex Rack Repair App? Using your Apex Rack Repair App is now easier and more comprehensive than ever with the latest updates, plus Version 1.3 offers improved compatibility with the latest mobile devices including iPhone X. Here’s a run-down of all the new features: Quick Recap – Are you familiar with…read more

The Sign that Says Your Pallet Rack Redesign is Complete | Apex Safety Spotlight

The Apex team is dedicated to warehouse safety in all that we do from pallet rack systems design, to equipment and automation tools, worker training and, of course, rack system audit and damage repair. The Apex Rack Repair App is the cornerstone of our Safety Program for identifying damaged rack and ensuring appropriate repair… but…read more

Remembering Bill Lorden – Founder of the Keyhole Design that Forever Changed Pallet Rack

Once upon a time there was a Chicago-based company named Acme Steel. They’d been in business in one iteration or another since 1887… and carried-on through two world wars, the Great Depression, and a number of other serious challenges. Then in the 1950’s they were once again confronted with a challenge, in the form of…read more

Conducting a Pallet Rack Audit — Step by Step Video Guide

Apex Rack Repair App a Rack Inspector’s Best Friend Pallet rack inspections are a significant part of an overall warehouse safety strategy. Yes, it’s always important to quickly inspect a rack system that has had a run-in with warehouse equipment or inventory, but did you know that it is recommended that the overall system/s should…read more

The Big Picture on Bulk Storage Warehousing Solutions

Explore storage options for a variety of bulk items and containers… When looking at storage options for your warehouse or factory, your primary goals are maximizing space, ease of access to products, and safety. But with the large variety of options, it can be overwhelming trying to determine which or what combination of storage systems…read more

3 Best Practices for Productivity-Enhancing Warehouse Ergonomics

Injuries are far too common in the warehousing industry, with workers experiencing nearly twice as many musculoskeletal injuries as workers in the general private sector. However, good ergonomic practices can help prevent these injuries from occurring in the first place. According to a 2013 study by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the U.S. warehousing and…read more

Put the Fab in Prefab with Inplant Modular Office Space

Customizable, Cost-Effective Office Space Designed to Meet Your Needs What Are Inplant Offices? Inplant modular offices are a cost-effective and customizable way to provide the necessary space for administrative staff while keeping them close to the heart of the operation. The modular design creates an enclosed work environment separate from the surrounding facility that is…read more