Unload Potential Safety Hazards at the Dock | Apex Safety Spotlight

Dock Safety is Warehouse Safety — Simple Cost-Effective Tips The loading dock is one of the busiest areas of most warehouse and distribution facilities. With lots of activity, the chance for accidents, damage, or injuries is increased. As a matter of fact, approximately one-quarter of all warehouse injuries occur at the loading dock. Putting time…read more

5 Steps to Smooth Permitting – Pallet Rack & Warehouse Installation

Take the Pain Out of Project Permitting with These Tips from the Apex PROs What can we say, we love what we do – from designing the storage solutions that get the most of your warehouse space to integrating and installing the moving parts that work seamlessly together – it makes all the hard work…read more

Strategic Warehouse Slotting – Creating the Best Path to Optimization

“A place for everything and everything in its place” – Benjamin Franklin Benjamin Franklin was on to something here! This centuries-old advice couldn’t be more relevant in today’s warehouse or fulfillment center, where product slotting plays a more critical role than ever in facility optimization. Warehouse slotting is arguably one of the best tools for…read more

Drilling Down on Pallet Rack System Anchoring | Apex Safety Spotlight

Your pallet rack system is comprised of uprights, beams, struts, baseplates, and all of the components used to support your inventory, i.e., rails, arms, pallet supports, or decking. These elements are strategically connected to form a storage system capable of holding load capacities in the tons, making proper anchoring critical for safe, effective use and…read more

The Long & Short of It… Cantilever Rack Arms & Accessories Get the Job Done

Cantilever racking is uniquely designed for storing bulky, awkwardly shaped items that don’t fit on conventional storage racking or industrial shelving. Construction materials, utility equipment, and furniture can all find a place within a cantilever rack system. As opposed to storage rack bays with defined widths and heights, cantilever rack is designed using sturdy columns…read more

Pallet Stacking – How High is Too High? | Apex Safety Spotlight

Avoid Unnecessary Warehouse Hazards with an Empty Pallet Storage Plan Workplace safety is effectively a tool for producing cost-effective warehouse operations. Preventing injuries, damage and productivity slowdowns allows your staff to move safely and effectively about the facility and saves valuable time and expense. With billions of pallets flowing in and out of U.S. warehouse…read more

Making Cents of Pallet Rack Purchases with Smart Leasing & Financing

Why buy when you can lease? That phrase is catchy and popular in today’s culture for everything from automobiles to home appliances. However, it also makes a lot of sense for businesses to consider all available purchasing options for significant capital expenditures, such as material handling and pallet rack systems. Let’s explore some payment options…read more

Warehouse Floor Markings – Are You Speaking Our Language? | Apex Safety Spotlight

Apex Safety Spotlights address warehouse safety solutions and tools that are smart and easy to apply but can sometimes be overlooked in busy facilities. As far as the Apex team is concerned, anything that promotes safety and enhances productivity is worth knowing about, so we are shining our spotlight straight down to… your warehouse floor.…read more

Get on the Right Track with Push-Back Rack Carts, Wheels, & Rails

Push-back pallet rack is a dense storage solution that combines the density of drive-in rack with the selectivity of single selective rack for high volume, multi-SKU applications. 2 to 6-deep push-back lanes consist of nested wheeled carts that flow on top of inclined rails set inside the pallet rack bay. The carts are designed to…read more

Apex Packs a Punch with Great Info & New Pallet Rack Punching Guide

Comprehensive, Searchable and Easy to Navigate — that’s how we describe our new pallet rack Punching Guide. Check it out for yourself! Why a pallet rack punching guide? Pallet rack manufacturers have their individual approaches to building their respective pallet rack systems. The punches, i.e. connection points, of the pallet rack columns are often unique…read more