A well-planned material handling system and pallet rack design is the backbone of the distribution center and key to productive, efficient product flow. Whether you’re starting from scratch or redesigning your current industrial racking system, Apex Warehouse Systems can help with our hands-on approach to every project.

Our first and most important step is the evaluation of your current warehouse storage system design and product flow goals. We look at every inch of the facility, assessing all moves per SKU, from receiving through storage, order selection to shipping. As a completely integrated material handling provider, we then design a system of material handling products and services that work together to help you achieve maximum productivity, throughput, and profits.

We utilize state of the art 3D software to design your project so that you can visualize your pallet racking, gravity flow racking, conveyors, mezzanines, etc. before purchasing a single beam or frame.  Years of experience are on your side when you are working with Apex Warehouse Systems engineering and design services.

Depending on the scope of your project, Apex can provide one or all of the following design and engineering services:

CAD Services

Get concept drawings, floor plans, elevations and detailed CAD drawings.

Facility Layout

Learn how you can achieve maximum layout efficiency and space optimization.

Material Flow Analysis

Reduce steps, eliminate waste and improve productivity.

Space Optimization

Get the most from your space and achieve your throughput goals.

Product Slotting

Create a product slotting strategy to streamline order picking and save space.

Plant Buffer Integration

Achieve optimal facility efficiency using storage and material flow analysis.