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At some point, your warehouse storage facility will run out of space. SKU proliferation, changing product mix, new customer inventory, can all squeeze inventory storage space and turn order picking operations into a productivity-busting disarray.

The material handling professionals at Apex Warehouse Systems are experienced in identifying problem areas and developing workable solutions to meet your needs and your budget. Our team will choose from traditional pallet racking systems to robotic and automation systems to customize the best use of your space for your unique inventory.

We conduct a thorough review of your current storage systems and inventory processing methods and then create an industrial storage analysis. From there we develop a facility layout making use of floor and vertical space and taking into consideration building impediments and in-plant office and personnel facilities. If it is in your warehouse.. or needs to be… we will find the most space-optimizing and productivity-enhancing way to accommodate it.

The Apex solutions are budget-conscience as we have access to an extensive new and used pallet racking inventory, plus our in-house custom fabrication facility.

Floor to ceiling… it’s your space! Get the most from it with the team from Apex Warehouse Systems.

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Apex Project Spotlight

Remodeled Freezer Storage Facility Optimizes Space – Lowering Operating Costs & COGS

The most expensive storage facility to operate is a freezer. So when freezer space is underutilized and inefficient, it’s essentially like letting money fly out the door. Watch the Apex team remodel this warehouse and turn it into a highly-efficient, cost-effective operation.

Project Overview: Four freezer facilities received an overhaul. Inventory flow was reconfigured, and pallet rack systems replaced and remodeled.

Check out our spotlight blog for all the project details, then call the Apex Warehouse Systems team to get started on your next industrial facility project.

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