Industrial mezzanines offer an excellent solution to your new or current warehousing facility’s space challenges by converting unused overhead space into productive storage or work-space. They are easy to install and far less expensive than expanding or renting additional space. Apex Companies professionals will work with you to design a mezzanine solution which will create the space you need, for office, storage or production purposes.


Apex Warehouse Systems Industrial MezzaninesTypes of Mezzanines and Industrial Work Platforms

  • Structural steel mezzanines
  • Cold-rolled steel mezzanines
  • Rack supported mezzanines
  • Stainless mezzanines
  • Aluminium mezzanines
  • Structural fiberglass mezzanines


  • Storage
  • Manufacturing
  • Office space
  • Lunch/break rooms
  • Equipment platforms
  • Security enclosures
  • Locker rooms
  • Order picking
  • Catwalks

So many options to choose from and different configurations that are available can make it seem daunting. Our team of experienced warehouse storage facility designers will make the process not just painless, but cost-friendly and efficient.

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If space is a challenge, mezzanines might be the right solution for you. Contact us for free advice.